2020 B2B Marketing Trends

Marketing trends are constantly evolving. At ADVAN, our expert digital marketers keep an eye on all of the latest trends, tools, and topics. 
You don’t want to fall behind your competition, so take a look at the tools and strategies you can embrace this year.

Custom-Designed Websites

Templated WordPress websites are easy to develop, cheap, and make for a quick website launch, but these days, your customers can spot them easier. They might think you haven’t invested in your digital marketing if you’re simply using a templated website.
A custom, well-designed website can increase conversion rates and relay the overall message that you care about your users’ experiences. A custom-designed website can be built to better match your brand and messaging than a template.
Even though it may be the most cost-effective option, choosing a templated site isn’t always the best solution. Work with a digital marketing and website design company that can build you an original website that makes you stand out from your competitors.

Consolidating MarTech

You may have seen several MarTech (short for Marketing Technology) systems in place. Whether it’s automation systems, account-based marketing software, a CRM, or a data acquisition platform, you’ll want to choose the solution that works best for you. MarTech can help your organization be more efficient and enable you to hone in on what works.

High-Quality Content

Content creation is vital to your marketing. That’s probably why 41% of marketing budgets in 2019 were spent solely on content. Your website copy should be tailored to your audience, driving them to engage. It should be educational and purposeful, not just ”fluff” that’s there to fill space. Present yourself as the industry expert and give your users the valuable insights they’re looking for.

Video Marketing

More and more businesses are hopping on board with the trend of video marketing. Most users are accustomed to seeing videos in their feeds, thanks to platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. Video content allows you to offer demos and tutorials for your products, promote upcoming launches, or implement live streaming for increased engagement.
Video marketing is especially effective for B2Bs because it brings a visual element to the buyer’s journey. Most buyers watch videos as part of their product research. This means that video marketing could be the difference between a user converting or leaving your site without taking action. 

A Focus on Customer Experience

Customer experience has evolved in the past five years, with Netflix offering on-demand streaming and Amazon offering next-day delivery. Customers expect to get exactly what they want in real-time, and this expectation carries over to B2B as well. In order to stay relevant, B2Bs must have faster problem-resolution protocols in place, as well as a strong online presence. Additionally, personalized communications can help you stand out and be remembered.


Businesses are starting to address customer needs through artificial intelligence (AI), such as chatbots. Chatbots give potential clients an easy way to get their questions answered immediately. Chatbots can free up your customer service agents’ time by helping customers with common issues, offering them information about your business, and redirecting them to a representative if needed. Additionally, they may improve customer experience and produce faster resolution times.

Smarter PPC

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The cost of several terms has been driven up by the rise in popularity of B2B Google Ads. However, we expect companies to change their bidding strategies to focus on the buyer: who they are and what they want. In order to have a successful AdWords campaign, determine what problem your potential customer is trying to solve and avoid high-dollar terms in your bidding strategy.

ADVAN Digital Marketing Firm

With B2B marketing technology constantly evolving, you’ll need a partner that is focused on current trends and even trends in the future. The team at ADVAN marketing firm has the skills and experience to implement any of these 2020 marketing trends.
From custom-designed websites to PPC campaigns, we’re a full-service digital marketing firm that can do it all. Contact ADVAN today to discuss your website development and digital marketing needs.

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