5 Unique Electronic Test Solutions

What Are Electronic Test Solutions?

Electronic test solutions are used to find specific errors in your electronic devices. The process varies depending on the equipment used. From sending signals or receiving them, test solutions can measure, record, and identify the internal aspects of electronic devices that would likely not be known by the user.

Electronic test solution tools are not only used for testing and repairing equipment, you can also use them for the development stages of a piece of equipment. While you are developing a product you can find the effectiveness of each aspect in the hardware of the equipment.

Unique Electronic Test Solutions

When testing your equipment, it is important to find the right test solutions. Here are a few different electronic test solutions.

USB Analyzer

A USB analyzer records, shows, and analyzes data going to or from a USB device connected to your computer. USB analyzers have an error detection system that finds issues that arise and will notify the user. Issues will be recorded and statistical reports are available to navigate. You can analyze traffic from the USB port, as are currently occurring. Data from multiple USBs can be monitored simultaneously.

There are 2 different types of USB analyzers: hardware USB analyzers and software exclusive USB analyzers. Hardware USB analyzers are a physical device that is plugged into. Software exclusive USB analyzers are programs downloaded that will run on your computer. Hardware USB analyzers bring faster speeds and with that comes more accurate tracking, in the moment. For performance, software exclusive analyzers are dependent on the hardware that they are working on, so the less productive your computer will mean the software will be less productive too.

Waveform Generators

Waveform generators generate electrical waveforms, in different types of waveforms. Some of the waveforms that the waveform generator produces include: sine, pulse, noise, triangle waveforms, along with many more. The waveform signal sent between different locations and the waveforms are read to determine if there is an issue between the chosen 2 points.

Waveform generator is a type of test solutions equipment

Function Generators

Function generators are similar to waveform generators, except they send repeating sine waveforms. Function generators are usually used for designing and repairing equipment. Function generators send signals to specific circuits that are connected to an oscilloscope, those signals measure the output signal.

Differential Probes

Differential probes measure differential signals, which is the difference in the voltage level of 2 separate test points. Differential probes are common for measuring high frequency signals or low amplitude signals. To convert the frequency measurement into a voltage measurement. Differential probes do not measure common mode signals. Differential probes are protected from static voltage. Larger sizes of probes have higher voltage capabilities and come with longer cables as well.

Differential Amplifier

Differential amplifiers are used for oscilloscopes, analyzers, and digitizers. These amplifiers bring a differential measurement ability to tools that only have single ended input. Single ended input means the measurement of voltage, differential probes have single ended input. Differential amplifiers are a necessary companion to differential probes.

Why Are Electronic Test Solutions Important

Maximizing the efficiency of your equipment is a must, as you do not want to waste time and money on an inefficient piece of equipment. Finding errors gives you the opportunity to fix them before the opportunity of having an error in your results. Having up-to-date performance of your equipment makes you more informed on your equipment. An aspect to note, be sure that your test solutions are compatible with each other when looking for test solutions. Improve your knowledge and efficiency of your equipment with these test solutions.

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