Build Brand Authority with Content Marketing

6 Ways to Build Brand Authority with Content Marketing

In the vastness of today’s worldwide web, it can feel overwhelming trying to establish your brand and make sure it stands out. In our current climate, an online presence is the most important and sometimes the only way to reach your target audience. Becoming an authoritative brand with great content is the best way to make sure your hard work will get noticed online and reach the right audience. Keep reading to the most effective techniques for incredible content marketing.

1. Use your content to answer the questions your clients are asking

When a potential client is looking for someone like you online, they might be searching in terms of a specific question they want to be answered. By using your content marketing to anticipate and answer that question, you have made a connection that shows brand authority to both your audience and to all the major search engines.

2. Create and publish your own research project

You might not think of yourself as a scientist, but you’re already learning new things on the job every day. Why not start tracking your findings and using what you learn to create a great block of content that will show your brand authority in your field? 

3. Work with the industry experts you know to help boost your authority

Connect with authority figures in your network to collaborate on your content marketing efforts. By teaming up with someone who’s already an established brand authority, search engines will be able to connect all the necessary dots. 

4. Show your brand authority with a tutorial

A willingness to share knowledge of your craft before clients hire you is not only a great way to build trust and establish yourself as an expert, it’s also a great way to implement the right keywords in your content to boost your rankings. Don’t know where to start? There’s lots of software available to help you generate tutorials and save time.

5. Write as a guest blogger

There are lots of resources to introduce yourself as a brand authority when you write and share content marketing in your unique voice, and there are lots of online sources that are looking for unique content marketing opportunities that you can contribute to. If you can connect with similar industries and write about your own experiences using their products in your industry, it’s a boost of online visibility for both of you. 

6. Share your success stories in your content

There’s no better way to show your experience and authority than to let your projects do the talking. New clients will be able to see themselves using your products or services while current clients will feel appreciated and like they are a part of your vision. Creating content marketing with the intent of sharing your success stories is a great way to show your brand authority in action. 

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Should I Hire an Agency?

Using the content marketing strategies listed above can help establish brand authority for your small business and continue your growth path. But with all the hats you already wear running your company, how do you know when it’s time to look outside for online marketing? When you’re ready to allocate at least 5% of your profit towards marketing, bringing on an outside agency can help you focus more on the day to day tasks you’re passionate about.
When you’re ready to elevate your marketing materials and invest in true digital marketing expertise, contact ADVAN Digital.

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