When to use a Bubble Trap with your Food Grade Pump – 3 Great Tips

If you’re using a food grade pump, we recommend a bubble trap.

Get rid of unwanted air bubbles and other contaminets in your food, beverage, and pharmaceutical lines with a bubble trap.

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The problems caused by bubbles

Air bubbles in the fluidic flow can cause significant problems for many applications because the bubbles change the intrinsic physical properties of the microfluidic environment unexpectedly. They could increase the internal pressure abruptly in a fluidic/microfluidic system. It may lead to important shear force variations, resulting in changing the compliance of the system or blocking channels in small size.

Gas bubbes present in a liquid sample are a common problem encountered in numerous microfluidic experiments, and their removal using bubble traps in the sample of interest is quite often a major challenge for microfluidicists. Indeed,  gas bubbles circulating through a microfluidic system can damage equipment or the biological sample of interest and cause experimental errors:

  • Bubbles can cause experimental errors to sensors and chromatography columns mainly by letting components dry.
  • Bubbles inside a biological reactor often increase shear stress, and induce cytotoxicity, as cells membranes will stretch under the force of the liquid-air interface.
  • Bubbles present inside a sample can also lead to pipetting and sampling errors.

How a bubble trap works

Bubble Traps use a micro-porous PTFE membrane. When a fluid containing gas bubbles flows through the microfluidic bubble trap, the bubbles are expelled through the hydrophobic membrane that allows absolutely no aqueous liquid to leak. It is possible to get rid of bubbles inside a fluid even with a small pressure available, but same as not introducing bubbles into the fluid, the liquid sample has to be pushed towards the bubble trap inlet and not aspirated from the trap outlet (because you would generate bubbles this way).

This trap can be used in line to remove the bubbles and secure any application where the presence of bubbles would negatively impact results or damage the sample.

A bubble trap is a device to remove the air bubbles from aqueous solutions inline or downstream in a fluidic system.

Tips #1 &2: Use bubble traps and strainers in conjunction with your pumps

Placing a bubble trap in line before your food grade pump as well as sanitary strainers ensure that your processing line has optimal flow and uniform processing.

Benefits Of Sanitary Strainers

Sanitary Strainers have significant benefits for Food, Pharma and Beverage processing.

  • 3A Certified construction assures product purity while allowing for ease of maintenance and cleaning.
  • Baskets and Tubular Elements can be of a variety of media retaining particulates to 5 Micron and even smaller with special bag filter liners.
  • High Viscosity fluids are accommodated with a minimum pressure differential with backwash capabilities as necessary

What Is a Sanitary Strainer?

What is a sanitary strainer? Sanitary Strainers are filters of various housing styles commonly used in process piping to 4”. They are set aside from standard strainers as they are polished to meet sanitary standards. Piping is generally Clamped, IDF, or Bevel Seat amongst others. Covers can be Quick Opening or standard. Filter Elements are Basket or Tubular Style depending on the process requirements. They can be Perforated, Mesh, or a combination, as well as Wedge Wire. They are easily removed for cleaning and maintenance or designed for Clean in Place (CIP). Stainless Steel 316L is a standard although other alloys are also available.

Tip #3:  Use the best food grade pump available

Unibloc Pump has been a leader in Food Grade Pump manufacturing for over 30 years. We pioneered the application of an all-stainless steel housing and base plate in our food pump. We were the first to cast one piece that includes flanges to minimize the number of parts that need FDA approval.

Innovation and engineering drive our product development and creatively solve challenges faced by the food processing, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

We offer a variety of precision engineered, high-quality food grade gear pump that fit a variety of applications in a multitude of industries. We are not the largest sanitary pump manufacturer out there, but we are the premier food product pump manufacturer with the most willing, ready and able staff to meet the toughest industry demands.


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