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Have you and your colleagues been searching for reliable commercial epoxy flooring solutions? If you want to run a successful business in Ohio, then your space must withstand the highs and the lows of the state’s unpredictable weather.
In fact, Ohio Garage Interiors offers an impressive range of Sikafloor® epoxy flooring solutions to keep the community’s businesses running as efficiently as possible. For this reason, Ohio Garage Interiors truly stands out among commercial epoxy flooring installers. Without a doubt, you can count on Ohio Garage Interiors commercial epoxy flooring solutions
To list, available Sikafloor® commercial flooring solutions include Morritex® Broadcast,  Morritex® Self-Leveling Slurry Broadcast, Morritex® Hanger,  Quartzite® Broadcast System, Metallic FX and PurCem® Polyurethane Cement.
These exclusive flooring options offer high resistance to chemicals, stains, extreme heat, extreme cold, impact, abrasion and the weights of both motor vehicles and hobby equipment. Connect with the installation team from Ohio Garage Interiors today to learn more. 
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Premier Commercial Epoxy Flooring Solutions From Ohio Garage Interiors

If you want to bring your business forward, then you want more foot traffic in your facility.  However, any Northeast Ohio business owner knows how much wear and tear a boost in foot traffic can cause in the winter! For this reason, companies all over the Cleveland, Akron, and Lake Erie Islands communities count on Ohio Garage Interiors and the company’s premier commercial epoxy flooring solutions. Ohio Garage Interiors offers leading commercial epoxy flooring installation.
Commercial epoxy flooring from Ohio Garage Interiors is ideal for assembly facilities, animal shelters, auto repair shops, laundromats, public bathrooms, restaurants, commercial kitchens and more.
Every business is different and every space is different. For this reason, the professionals from Ohio Garage Interiors offer an extensive range of color and pattern options and choices for customization.
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About Ohio Garage Interiors | Commercial Epoxy Flooring Installers

The team from Ohio Garage Interiors provides high-quality flooring and organizational solutions to transform both the homes and the businesses of the Northeast Ohio community.
Have you been planning to revitalize the look and function of your space? If so, then you can feel confident in collaborating the installation professionals from Ohio Garage Interiors. In fact, the company serves as a go-to resource to homeowners and business owners from all over the Cleveland, Akron and Lake Erie Islands communities. 
To list, Ohio Garage Interiors customers can benefit from professional-grade materials, leading customization and thorough custom floor installation. Connect with the team from Ohio Garage Interiors today to find out about the company’s exclusive twenty-year warranty against both peeling and delamination. 
You can depend on the Ohio Garage Interiors team to provide an installation that not only looks great but also stands up to the highs and the lows of Ohio’s weather. Connect with the team today to find out how you could transform your space. Count on Ohio Garage Interiors to help you come up with the ideal customization for your home. To learn more about commercial epoxy flooring solutions from Ohio Garage Interiors, simply visit today. 

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