Crucial Marketing Updates During the Coronavirus

The Impact of the Coronavirus

Businesses are faced with several concerns amid the coronavirus, from maintaining a customer base to setting up their teams to work from home. Some businesses have temporarily or permanently closed, while many employees have been laid off. Make sure you’re communicating with your audience during this time, letting them know what your business is doing to help and how operations may change. Be sure to keep in mind that you’ll also want to convey empathy, as this is a sensitive issue.
So what marketing efforts should you or your marketing company employ to keep your audience updated?

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to easily update your audience on things like hours of operation or closings. By bringing the subject of the coronavirus up, you’re building trust with your audience – as long as you’re honest and open with them. Your goal should be to inform your audience and focus on what’s important to them.

Google My Business 

If you’re already working with a digital marketing company, you probably know it’s important to update your Google My Business frequently. You’ll want to let search engine users know if your business hours have changed or if you are temporarily closed. You can also utilize “posts” on Google My Business to improve your website’s SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you’re working with a digital marketing company, contact them for ways to improve your website traffic. At ADVAN, we take an audit of current search rankings and optimize your website to gain relevant traffic. It’s important to increase your SEO efforts now. With your competitors pulling back, it could be your opportunity to gain market share.

Social Media

Social media is one of the fastest ways to keep your audience informed. Don’t ignore your social media – let your customers know about any changes in business due to the coronavirus. Also, if you’re doing anything to help your community, you can let your followers know on your social media channels. From food and closing donations to creating masks, there are a number of things you can do to help others during this time.

Website Updates

Visitors to your homepage may be looking for information on how your business is handling the coronavirus, so put that information front and center. Emphasize policy or hours changes in a simple banner or pop-up that shows up the moment users land on your website. Another option is to provide outbound links to other resources, like the CDC, to keep your customers informed of best practices.


Due to the coronavirus, several events have been canceled or postponed, but virtual events are gaining popularity as an alternative. Keep ticket holders informed of any updates as they become available. Use email campaigns and social media channels to provide information before and after the event, as well as any instructions your audience may need to attend the virtual event(s).

How ADVAN Digital  Can Help Your Business Maintain and Even Gain Customers During a Pandemic

The coronavirus has changed the way many companies do business, but the marketing tactics listed above can help you to maintain or even increase sales during economic uncertainty.
At ADVAN, we helped several clients during the economic downturn of 2008, even growing their businesses during that time. The ADVAN team has the skills to implement email campaigns, social media campaigns, website design and updates, and more, so you can keep your customers informed of your latest business updates.
To learn more about how we can help you keep your customers informed, contact ADVAN at 330.688.1324, or submit your questions via our contact form.

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