The Best Deep Draw Stamping Manufacturer You Can Find

deep draw stampingIf you are finding yourself in need of seamless parts, large quantities of products manufactured quickly, complex parts/components, or less labor, finding a deep draw stamping company is likely your best option. Although not true for all scenarios, deep draw stamping also provides the best quality in the highest amounts in the shortest period of time.

Deep draw stamping is highly flexible and can be used on a wide variety of materials, from aluminum to tungsten to copper to stainless steel. If you are working with the right manufacturer, your material specifications should not matter.

Picking the Right Deep Draw Stamping Supplier

If you decide that the deep draw stamping process would be the best way to get what you need in a timely fashion, the next step is to pick your supplier. There are plenty of companies that can do some deep draw stamping, but that does not necessarily mean that they will produce the kind of high-quality parts or components you need. There are some good questions you can ask potential suppliers to see if they are up to producing what you need to meet your project’s timeline.

  • If you need multi-part components, you want to compare how this will increase costs with various suppliers.
  • The same holds true if you are in need of parts that have multiple features or directions of features. Not all suppliers can handle these kinds of requests equally, so it is a good differentiator.
  • Material thickness and other specifications are another good way to differentiate potentially strong partners from those who may not be up to the job. If a supplier does not have much experience in producing parts or components of specific thicknesses or dimensions, that is a good indicator that they are not the best match for you.

Partner Versus Supplier

As ThomasNet points out, when choosing a manufacturing company, you don’t just want a deep draw stamping supplier. What most businesses want these days is a partner. Part of that partnership will be based on how much the manufacturer can do in-house. You also want to look at what credentials the company has to its name. Wedge Products, for example, is a certified aerospace metal stamping company that is also able to serve the military. This tells you immediately that Wedge Products is able to perform at a high enough level to meet the needs of some of the most exacting industries there are. Wedge Products is also ISO 9001: 2015 and AS9100 Rev. D Certified, and they have rigorous quality control processes in place.

wedge productsAnother differentiator is the experience a company brings to the table. Wedge Products has been in the business since 1933. They have seen just about everything a deep draw stamping supplier can experience. Furthermore, existing for that long in an industry that requires precision and quality signifies that Wedge Products has performed well and will only get better with time. Wedge Products is ready to be more than your supplier. They are ready to be your long-term partner.

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