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Finding a company without a website is becoming increasingly rare, and those without one are at a severe disadvantage in their respective industries. Building a website is a textbook step in the growth of any business, but that does not mean you can just put anything up on the Internet and hope to succeed. You need more than just a domain name and a couple of links to create a competitive site. You need to build a full online experience for your customers with digital website design.

Digital website design services from ADVAN are the best way to get your company on the map, so online users can engage with your business from anywhere. With 20 years of experience, our graphic designers, web developers, and SEO experts can turn your business into a digital hub that acts as a direct extension of your company.

Fast Sites Prevent Furious Customers

The average customer will expect your company to not only have a website, but a website that runs properly. Here at ADVAN, we put an emphasis on navigation and site speed to provide your visitors with the best user experience possible.

Your site’s navigation options are critical to getting conversions and selling your products. Visitors need a reliable way to find what they are looking for as well as content that helps them make an informed decision. If your visitors struggle to find what they need, they will not hesitate to move on to other websites. In fact, most users are going to expect to find what they need within 7 clicks!

Even if site navigation is reliable, it is nothing without speed. Your visitors do not want to sit around waiting for pages to load or constantly run into broken links and 404 errors. Slow loading times and similar errors are only going to leave potential customers frustrated and looking towards your competition.

ADVAN Design’s digital website design strategies involve optimizing your site for high-level speed with intuitive navigation options. Your customers will be able to find what they need and become paying customers in no time.

Graphic Design from Talented Artists

Our graphic design team consists of talented artists from Northeast Ohio who have proven their ability to develop stylish creative solutions for nearly any client or industry. While graphic design is different from web design, it plays an integral part in creating a pleasant user experience.

Our designers will take the time to get an understanding of your business and your brand, so they can accurately translate it into a digital format. This will ensure that your website stays in line with the rest of your marketing materials. More importantly, it makes your visitors more likely to stick around and browse through your products and services.

Do you need help developing other parts of your brand as well? No problem! ADVAN can also design logos, business cards, brochures, and many other marketing materials to help you create your brand identity. Whatever design services you need, we will work with you to ensure your marketing materials stand out from the competition while demonstrating the personality and values of your company.

Making Google Work for You with SEO

Having a beautifully designed, high-speed website is all well and good, but you will not get much out of it if nobody can see it. If you really want to succeed online, you need consistent incoming traffic from customers in your industry. This is where SEO comes in.

Have you ever thought about how search engines work? Well, search engine optimization (SEO) is our way of using search engines to funnel more traffic into your website. Google and other search engines look for relevant content based on whatever is typed into the search bar. Our job is to create content and build links into your website that push you to higher and higher spots on Google’s front page.

Effective SEO strategies start with in-depth competitor and keyword research. We look at what companies are ranking for keywords related to your products and services. This allows us to get a full picture of what these companies are doing right and what they are doing wrong. Once we understand your competitors, we can develop targeted content and backlinking strategies to outperform them.

As you approach the top 5 rankings or even make it onto the front page, you will see your website’s traffic increase exponentially. More and more visitors will be coming to your site, resulting in more conversions and sales. Our team will continue to work on the backend as new customers roll in, so you can stay focused on your business and maximize your profits!

Start Your Digital Website Design Project Today!

Are you looking for digital website design near me for your business? Collaborate with ADVAN Design, and we can help you get your company on the web. Not sure if you fully understand website design or SEO? Contact us today, and our team will be happy to answer your questions and get you started on your next project.

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