How To Ensure Your Loading Dock Facility Is Safe With a Dock Leveler

Optimize Safety and Productivity With a Dock Leveler

loading dock with an edge of dock levelerLoading dock facilities, manufacturing plants, and warehouses are all busy centers full of heavy machinery and moving shipments. Even in a well-organized facility, loading and unloading shipments can be chaotic. Facility workers are switching between pushing carts, driving trucks, and operating forklifts. While productivity is the ultimate goal in every business, safety is just as important in a loading dock facility. All machines and vehicles must be up-to-date with the highest security standards. The best way to achieve these levels of safety in a loading dock facility is with an edge of dock leveler.

An edge of dock leveler (EOD) is a piece of loading dock equipment that is installed directly to the edge of a loading dock. An EOD is used to close the gap between the edge of a loading bay and the back end of a truck or ramp. An edge of dock leveler is safer than a dock board because it is fixed directly to the loading dock rather than just being placed between the two surfaces.

Dock leveler installation is simple, as each EOD is easily mounted to most loading docks. A loading dock leveler can range in sizes from 66”, 72”, 78”, and 84” widths. With a variety of sizes, a loading dock leveler is the most cost-efficient option for solving your varying truck bed heights that don’t line up with your dock.

How Do You Use an Edge of Dock Leveler?

A manual dock leveler is ideal for facilities with limited dock space or a dock that doesn’t need a full size, pit-style edge of dock leveler. There are two types of EOD’s, a hydraulic dock leveler or a mechanical dock leveler. Both levelers ensure safety and reliable operations.

To use a manual dock leveler, simply pull back the dock handle and the lip of the leveler will mechanically lift over the dock height. Then, push the same handle forward to lower the lip of the leveler onto the truck or ramp floor. With two simple movements, you can optimize your dock’s productivity and safety within seconds.

If you want to optimize your loading and unloading even more, you can install a hydraulic EOD. The hydraulic unit is connected to a wall-mounted push button that will extend your EOD fully to the height of the truck bed for safe loading. When your employees are protected, less people are hurt and more work can get done safely.

Benefits of Edge of Dock Levelers

loading facility using a loading dock levelerNo matter if you pick a hydraulic or mechanical dock leveler, you are guaranteed a smooth operation. An edge of dock leveler also guarantees these benefits:

Product durability: EOD’s are engineered and designed with 3D engineering software for the best durability and performance.

Simple lifting and positioning: With a few simple movements of the EOD handle, the loading dock plate is easily set in place.

Best for retrofit: EOD’s are easily mountable on almost any loading dock. A transition plate can be purchased if needed.

Safety: The weight capacities and reliability of an edge of dock leveler mean that it will stay in place throughout all of your loading operations while keeping your employees protected.

Low maintenance: Simply lubricate the hinges regularly and your edge of dock leveler is good to go.

Dock Leveler Installation

To properly install your edge of dock leveler, the installer must read the edge of dock user manual first. The manual will walk the installer through every safety check to ensure the health of the loading dock area to ensure the EOD will attach correctly.

The anchors for each EOD must have a minimum shear strength of 10,000lbs force and a minimum of 6,000lbs of pullout strength in uncracked concrete. Once all of the anchors have been secured, the leveler must be checked for adhering to all local safety regulations and codes.

When you’re ready to purchase an edge of dock leveler, consult with an EOD manufacturer about the exact installation steps and tips to ensure a safe installation that will last.

EOD Overview

a yard ramp that can be connected to manual dock leveler A loading dock leveler is the best way to optimize your loading dock solutions while ensuring safety throughout your facility. Your employees should feel safe and protected at all times while they’re at work. With an edge of dock leveler, you can guarantee that your team will be protected while loading and unloading shipments from your loading dock. Contact an edge of dock leveler manufacturer today to start optimizing your loading dock facility.

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