Installing A New Floor Drain Cover? Check Out These Installation Tips!

Floor Drain Cover

image of a square garage drain grateA floor drain cover is a grate that goes on the top of a drain. Floor drain covers are used to filter water flow into the drain, while preventing larger objects from falling in. You probably have a garage floor drain cover in your garage, but have not thought much of it. If you have a floor drain and are looking to update your drain cover, or you have a newly installed floor drain, we can help you get the right drain cover in place.

6 Steps To Properly Install a Floor Drain Cover

When you are installing a new floor drain cover, here are the steps you should take for a smooth installation.

Remove Previous Cover and Strainer

First, you will need to remove your floor drain cover, and if you have a strainer it will need to be removed as well. If you do not have a drain cover and strainer, then start by finding the right measurements.

Collect Measurements

When you collect the measurements of your drain, be sure to measure inside the drain, so you do not order a cover that is too big. Also, you should know that drain covers are usually wider at the top, so they do not fall into the drain. Remember this so you can find the cover with the correct dimensions.

Purchase Drain Cover

Now you will find and purchase the floor drain cover that fits your needs. Take note of the material of the drain; typically floor drain covers are made of iron or steel, and each material has different properties. The size and shape of the drainage holes may need to be taken into account, especially in regard to the size of materials that could slip through the drain cover or not pass through, causing blockages.

Prep Time

Now it is time to prepare your floor drain for your new cover. Remove the old cover, and if it’s broken into pieces, make sure you gather up every portion.

Clean Drain

The strainer is supposed to catch any debris that goes into the drain, but we know that some of that debris will break down, or the excess moisture can cause mold. Cleaning the drain is also important to avoid sewer odors and clogging of the drain.

Empty Strainer

You should empty out the strainer and give it a good cleaning to remove any buildup.

Insert Strainer

Whether the strainer you are going to use is an old one that you have cleaned, or you are getting a new strainer, now you will insert the strainer into the drain. If you purchase a new strainer, be aware of the measurements of your drain, like you did with the floor drain cover. Strainers should fit firmly in place, with no gaps around the edges where drainage can slip around. However, the strainer should not be stuck in the drain since it will need to be removed later.

Place New Cover

Now that your drain and strainer are clean and the strainer is installed, it is time to insert the new floor drain cover in its place. The new drain cover should fit into place and not be too tight of a fit, so it can be removed for upkeep.

Additional Maintenance?

After the initial installation, you’re not done yet. Regularly clean both your strainer and drain. Your strainer will need to be emptied more often than your drain needs cleaned, so set a schedule to follow to help keep your floor drain in great shape.

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