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Everything You Need To Know About Boom Truck Rental

Are you considering boom truck rental for your job site? Boom truck rentals are versatile and can easily travel and transport equipment. If you only need a boom truck for a specific job or project period, boom truck rental is a great option. Not only do you save money, but you don’t have to worry about long-term storage and maintenance.

To ensure that boom truck rental is right for you, let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions regarding boom trucks.

How Is A Boom Truck Different From A Crane?

Boom trucks have several key differences when compared to cranes. For one, boom trucks are built like trucks, so they drive easily and move around fast. A crane, on the other hand, isn’t always built for speed or maneuverability. Boom truck rentals are also better at stacking objects when compared to cranes, because they don’t have counterweights. Additionally, some boom trucks can use loading baskets to lift workers up to otherwise inaccessible heights.

Cranes, on the other hand, are better for heavy lifting jobs. Cranes are more stable than a boom truck rental because they are much heavier. Although some cranes can move around, there are certain cranes that are built mostly to stand still, which is why they are known for their stability. If you have an extremely heavy load(s) to transport, a crane might be preferable when compared to boom truck rental.

Where Are Boom Trucks Used?

There are dozens of applications where a boom truck rental is applicable. You’ve almost certainly seen a boom truck fixing a power line, as they are able to lift up workers to the line to allow them to perform maintenance.

A boom truck rental is also used often in the forestry industry. When cutting down trees or trimming excess growth, boom trucks are the ideal option to get the job done. In addition, a boom truck rental could be used in any job where you need to lift heavier materials to a hard-to-reach area. Maybe you’re working on electrical installations, or construction, or transporting wood beams. In any of these cases, a boom truck rental would be great to safely transport heavier items.

How Do I Pick The Right Boom Truck Rental?

If you’ve decided to invest in boom truck rental, it’s important to choose the right vehicle. Even among boom trucks, there’s lots of variation.
First and foremost, determine the weight of the load(s) you’ll be carrying. Your boom truck rental will need to be at or beyond the capacity you need. In addition, measure how high your boom truck rental will need to lift the load. Depending on the height, this will determine the size of the crane that the boom truck will need. In certain cases, if the desired height is beyond the capabilities of a boom truck, you’ll need to rent a crane.

Finally, determine how far away you’ll need to place the load from the center of the crane. Remember that boom trucks are ideal for fitting into tight spaces, like on a residential road. If you need a wide distance between truck and load, you may want to consider renting a crane instead.

Boom Truck Rental | The Benefits

There are a number of benefits to boom truck rental. Boom trucks are ideal for construction and maintenance thanks to their versatility and mobility. Whether you need to perform tree trimming, window washing, power line fixes, or any other maintenance task, this is the piece of equipment for you. In fact, a boom truck rental can travel at highway speeds, so you can get to the job site and get to work.

Make the smart choice and invest in boom truck rental.

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