Here Are Some Effective Lawn Drainage Systems That Minimize Flooding

Which Type Of Drainage System is Right For Me?

With spring here and rainy days ahead, now is a great time to invest in a lawn drainage system. Lawn drainage systems keep unnecessary water from trapping around your home’s foundation or in your lawn and causing damage. Excess water pooling can cause leaking, mold, extra bugs, and other problems.

Installing the correct drainage system funnels water away from your home and lawn and protects your property. There are several different types of lawn drainage systems to choose from, and the right choice depends on your situation. The best way to decide is to consult a professional who can give expert advice, but let’s take a look at three common drainage systems you should consider for your home or property.


A downspout is a drainage pipe that directs rainwater from your roof to the ground and keeps your landscaping pristine. This leads water away from your home’s foundation so it doesn’t pool around the structure, potentially causing flooding.

You’ve probably seen downspouts before, on homes and businesses. They are usually attached to the coroner of a home, and are an effective way to prevent flooding. If downspouts crack or get clogged, rainwater can pass through cracks in the walls and windows and move toward the building’s foundation. To prevent this from happening, it helps to regularly remove debris buildup in downspouts to keep them from clogging. A good way to test downspouts is to run a hose through the gutters and keep an eye out for clogging.

French Drains

A French drain system is a trench covered in rocks that connects to pipes to guide water away from your home. This type of lawn drainage system is a great solution to wet basements that flood easily when it rains.

French drains have a few different components. The elevated end of a French drain is called a drain field, which is where the groundwater or rain enters into the drainpipes. From there, the water flows to the low point of the system, called the French drain exit point. The water exits the drain through this opening.  

Whereas downspouts collect water from the roof, French drains are a way to manage water at the ground level. After a rainstorm or a day of drizzle, this system will reroute the flow of water to alleviate pooling and potential flooding.

If an original French drain doesn’t solve your flooding problem, you can also install French drains indoors. This involves cutting a trench in your basement slab along your foundation and placing a pipe there. This is a more in-depth solution for serious flooding issues. 

Lawn Grading

The purpose of lawn grading is to redirect a water runoff to a different location. Many homeowners who invest in lawn grading do so to get their lawn to slope away from their house, and avoid flooding and pooling near the home’s foundation. This is a great solution if you have water pooling around your yard, because it sends the excess water in a different direction.

Lawn grading can look different depending on your yard, but the simple definition of the process is leveling a surface by moving dirt into lower lying areas. Sometimes, you will have to get additional dirt not already in your yard to get the job done right. The end result is to make sure your yard is level and then direct the water runoff wherever you want it to go.

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