Here’s Why You Need Reliable Fire Alarm System Inspection Software

Maintain Workplace Safety With a Reliable Fire Alarm System

We get used to our office routines quickly. We all pass by certain desks, doorways, machines and teammates on our way into work and take for granted that they will be there for us again tomorrow. We may also pass by multiple fire alarms and give them about the same amount of attention. However, we can’t take the critical role of fire alarms for granted. If we assume fire alarms are always working without testing them, we jeopardize workplace safety.

Why is a reliable fire alarm system so important in an office or facility? If your space is not up to code, your workplace is in potential danger. While specific requirements vary by region, commercial buildings in the United States must comply with a set of OSHA standards.

For example, a fire alarm must produce a noise loud enough to be audible over the surrounding sound, which sets off an emergency action and that is recognizable as an alert. Companies must also have a set sequence of actions required for setting off fire alarms. To run an efficient workspace, you must make workplace safety the priority. See below to learn about factors to consider when upgrading an existing fire alarm system or implementing fire alarm inspection software in your workplace.

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What Are The Components Of A Fire Alarm System?

Most systems include any of these three pieces of equipment: flame detectors, smoke detectors and fire gas detectors. Flame detectors sense radiation as they come into contact with certain wavelengths of ultraviolet or infrared radiation. A circuit and receiver characterize these detectors.

Teams can implement either photoelectric or ionization smoke detectors. Photoelectric detectors take light from a source within the detector and turn it into a single stream. Smoke goes into the detector and passes through the beam of light to set off the alarm. On the other hand, ionization detectors function by way of absorption of smoke by ionized air that surrounds a quantity of Americium-241 sitting on two plates. As smoke comes into contact with alpha particles, it offsets the current to trigger an alarm.

Fire gas detectors sense gases that a fire gives off at specific levels. The chemical makeup of a fire differs widely by the situation. For this reason, teams can choose different fire gas detectors by different gases that may be present in a fire in a given workspace.

When comparing detectors for your space, you need to understand the potential fire hazards in your facility. What flammable materials do you keep in your facility? Can you or should you remove them? What is the current status of your fire safety plan? What is the temperature of your space? When working alongside safety experts, having an understanding of these factors can help you predict what kinds of fires are most likely to occur in your space and the best responses.


When Is It Time To Replace An Existing System?

While a fire alarm system should provide about two decades of reliable function, there are some warning signs that may signify it’s time to replace your existing fire alarm equipment. If  you are constantly needing to call technicians to repair your alarms, then it’s time for an upgrade.

You may also benefit from replacing your system if you are regularly dealing with false alarms. The most current models are notable for giving off false alarms very infrequently and allow the user significant control. If you cannot depend on your system when there is no emergency, then your workplace is at risk. As a system advances in age, it deviates further away from compliance with regional regulations.

Choose InspectNTrack for Fire Alarm System Inspection Software

Having the most advanced fire alarm system in your space is important, but the equipment means nothing without frequent inspections. You can streamline the inspection process with exclusive software from InspectNTrack. This exclusive barcode-driven mobile app allows for the easy inspection of workplace assets along with documentation, scheduling, tracking, audits and maintenance. Cloud hosting also eliminates the need for costly server maintenance and a data connection.

As failures arise, the technology delivers timely notifications and logs issue sources, categories and images. The software can also schedule automated actions as failures occur, such as moving equipment, changing statuses or setting up further inspections.

The InspectNTrack mobile inspection app also allows teams to customize inspections, log compliance with NFPA 72 regulations, add more assets, change out barcodes with ease and more.

Connect With the Team From InspectNTrack Today

When you have a working fire alarm system in your facility, you can feel confident in knowing you are prepared to keep the workplace safe in the event of an emergency. With the right system in place, you can allow more time and resources to run your normal business operations rather than attending to safety hazards.

Count on exclusive software and hardware solutions from InspectNTrack to help you create a safer work environment. No matter your facility layout, the mobile inspection app can help you maximize safety in your workplace. The technology is the result of collaboration with some of the leading professionals in environmental health and safety.


To find out how you could start changing your space by implementing a premier mobile inspection solution, visit today.

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