How to Write Meta Descriptions

What Are Meta Descriptions? Why Do They Matter?

One of the main goals of marketing your company or brand is to increase online engagement. And one of the fastest ways you can do that is through a tool called a meta description.
So what is a meta description? Put simply, a meta description is an HTML attribute that describes the content of a webpage. The meta description displays as a snippet underneath a page’s title tag in the search engine results.
Let’s take a simple example. Let’s say your company sells designer sunglasses at a discounted price. When a user goes to search for this product, they’re probably Googling something like “discounted sunglasses” or “designer sunglasses on sale.” Identifying and including these keywords and phrases in your meta description increases the likelihood of someone clicking on your site, browsing your product and converting to a sale. 
Meta descriptions are one of many helpful tools in the digital marketing toolkit. It’s time to start using them!

How to Write Meta Descriptions for Maximum Impact

Now that you know what a meta description is, let’s talk about how to write meta descriptions. The key to writing an effective meta description lies in clear, concise writing. Put together a brief summary that builds off your title tag, matches user intent, and uses simple but compelling language. 
Often, a meta description is your brand’s chance to make a first impression. You don’t want users getting caught up in obscure language or confusing text. When you take the time to optimize meta descriptions for genuine engagement, you show users exactly what you have to offer.
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