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Zerust Ice Skate Blade Covers  

If you spend any time on the ice then you know the importance of storing your skates with ice skate blade covers. However, are you using the correct ice skate guards to protect your blade from rust and corrosion? Whether hockey, figure skating or recreational skating is your passion, covers protect your blade edge. Therefore, ensuring flawless performance and help you stay sharp on the ice. 
Skate covers (also known as cloth soakers) are essential for protecting your blades while they’re being stored.  Wet blades cause corrosion and rust bubbles which can cause mayhem while your skating on the ice. Additionally, if you’re currently using plastic skate guard for storage do you realize you’re only harboring condensation which is only going speed up the corrosion on your blade.

Hockey, Figure Skating and Hobbists 

I’m sure that the professional skaters already know this but for those of you new to the hobby please take note. There are two types of skate guards you should be using:

  •  Ice Skate Guards – Made of plastic and or rubber – designed to protect your blades scratches, chips, and debris and dulling from hard surfaces while off the ice. These should be applied every time you step off the ice. Most rinks use rubber mats or carpets at the entrances and exits, however, these mats will accumulate dirt and grit which only leads to nicking the round off the edges of the blade. DO NOT keep these guards on between sessions and while in transit and or storage – this will harbor condensation and will damage your blades. Please keep reading for proper storage and transit use. 
  • Ice Skate Blade Covers – Made of cloth – designed to protect blades while in transit and or storage, from condensation, moisture, and corrosion which will lead to rust. Additionally, they protect the blades from bumping, knocking and scratching each other while in transit. Always make sure to dry blades thoroughly after skating and before applying Zerust blade covers.  

Protect your skate blades, protect your investment. The average cost of ice skates ranging from $50.00 – $300.00. The price will vary depending on whether you’re using them for professional or recreational purposes. Proper care and maintenance of your skate blades can increase their longevity for up to five years. Don’t let rust and corrosion render your ice skate blades unuseable. 

The Zerust Shield – Rust Protection Technologies 

Keep your ice skate blades in pristine working condition with Zerust’s exclusive rust protection technologies. So let me explain to you how it works. All Zerust products work by releasing a harmless, non-toxic, odorless, colorless vapor into the air around your metal item.

  1. Protective molecules settle on all exposed metal surfaces, forming a very thin protective layer that is just a few molecules thick.
  2. This molecular layer inhibits electrochemical reactions on the surface of the metal that cause corrosion.
  3. Exposed metal surfaces protected by Zerust benefit from a long-lasting shield against rust, tarnish and corrosion.

Our products do not affect the electrical or mechanical properties or functionality of the metal components they protect. In fact, they actually help improve reliability by preventing corrosion damage that is too small to be seen by the naked eye. The residue engineered and produced by Zerust is safe and environmentally friendly. In fact, the FDA has approved Zerust for use with kitchen utensils. To view their full line of products please visit their website. 

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