Why Choose an Independent Fleet Consulting Company

Independent Fleet Consulting

Fleet management is perhaps more difficult than it ever has been, and it has never been especially easy. With a constantly churning and complex labor force, added complexities in the supply chain, and shortages in available vehicles, fleet managers have plenty on their plates. When they seek help, they do not want to feel more burdened, nor do they want to feel pressured to go in a direction they do not feel will be beneficial for their business.

No matter what kind of fleet management you are involved with, you likely have experienced the challenges of working with a fleet management consultant who is NOT independent. These companies, unlike independent fleet consulting companies, are interested in pressuring their clients to purchase a specific product or service. Maybe it is software, maybe it is a certain kind of vehicle. In any case, the pressure is unwelcome and gratuitous. If you truly want objective counsel, your best bet is to find a reliable and credible fleet consultant.

What an Independent Fleet Consulting Company Can Do For You

A truly independent fleet consulting company can be a significant help to you and your business. A non-exhaustive list of how they can help includes the following:

Myopic Focus

The best consulting companies for fleet managers will understand that focusing just on fleet management is all they truly have time for. You do not want a generalist to be consulting you. When you select a fleet management consultant you want to ensure they know about fleet management inside out, backward and forward. While this may mean a consulting-only firm doesn’t get as deep into your company leadership as more general companies might, they will be your best source for counsel.

Documented Technical Experience

Fleet management is not a manual industry. The technology available to make your life and job easier is out there, but it can be highly sophisticated, and taking it on can seem daunting in your already busy schedule. An independent consultant should be able to assist you with these technological additions to your job, and you should be able to move seamlessly to a more streamlined version of your daily tasks.

One Size Fits All

Although you want your chosen consultant partner to have a singular focus on fleet management, you also want to choose a company that has worked with companies and fleets of various sizes. This illustrates their ability to customize solutions and handle the challenges that can emerge with either very small or very large fleets. Experience in a multitude of industries is also a plus.


This may seem too obvious to state, but you want to choose a consulting partner who can demonstrate they actually do all they say they do. Can they prove they have experience in fleet analytics, for example, or do they just talk about fleet analytics in a knowledgeable way? The ultimate question to ask is whether the consultant can show how they have helped other businesses. Did their consultation result in the business saving money or increasing productivity? Do they have testimonials or case studies you can review?

Unquestionably, it is beneficial to choose an independent fleet management consultant company versus one with close ties to other commercial entities. You will know the advice you are getting is the company’s best suggestion, not just something in their own interest. Whether you want ideas for increasing your fleet size or whether you want to add analytics so you can evaluate the actual health of your fleet, an independent fleet management consulting company will be able to help.

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