Looking for the Right Sized Metal End Caps for Pipes? Wedge Products Can Help

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Need the right Metal End Caps for Pipes? Wedge Products Can Deliver

In industrial settings, pipes are a crucial lifeline. Without these industrial veins, we can’t transport vital liquids like engine fuel to keep our operations running smoothly. However, pipes in industrial settings are at a particular risk. The liquids that they transfer can be easily contaminated by dust and debris, jeopardizing the  operation. With the installation of protective caps on pipes, any damage occurring during transit or storage can be prevented.

Sealing your pipes with the right sized metal end caps for pipes can save you stress caused by minor obstacles. Pipe caps are available in various materials like plastic, vinyl, silicone, and more. They can be found in various dimensions and shapes, and can easily fit into the user’s unique requirements. Metal end caps for pipes are highly customizable to provide added protection and the perfect fit.

What Industrial Markets Need Metal End Caps for Pipes?

Common industries that benefit from customized pipe caps include the pipe, boiler and tubing industries. Metal pipe caps are the best choice when the materials being transported might be toxic or prone to high temperatures.

Equipped with grips from outside, metal end caps for pipes are easy to install, fit and remove from the pipes as per requirements, and are employed in industries for better safety of the materials transmitted through pipelines. Different from plugs, the caps ensure a tight seal of the pipes by fitting externally upon the ends of the pipes.

Similarly, there are various other applications where pipe caps are employed in order to ensure durability of the pipes and also a safer and efficient conveyance of the materials in industries. Newer applications are still arising as the technology changes, giving rise to newer forms of caps and different conveyance methodologies as the newer piping and tubing forms get introduced.

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Galvanized Metal End Caps for Pipes

You might be concerned that your metal end caps for pipes may be subject to premature rust and corrosion, especially when consistently exposed to moisture. Without protection, steel is prone to rust due to atmospheric conditions over time. The process of galvanization puts these fears to rest.

Galvanization is the process of coating metals with a thin layer of zinc. The corrosion process for zinc is very slow, which gives it an extended life while it protects the base metal. When you galvanize Zinc to the iron or other metals, cathodic protection occurs. Wedge Products offers hot dip galvanization on any of their metal end caps for pipes. This maximizes the quality of your investment.

Material and Sizing Considerations

Metal end caps for pipes from Wedge Products are available in stainless steel, carbon steel, or aluminum and cover pipe sizes from 1/4 inch to 12 inches. They are known for the tightest, most secure fit of any end caps throughout the industry. Most sizes are able to be galvanized as well.

Fabricators of all types and grades of pipe have used Wedge’s caps to protect ends and keep out dirt and other foreign material. Pipes capped with Wedge metal end caps arrive at the project site in perfect shape and ready for installation with grippers located on the outside of the object.

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Wedge Products | The Best in Metal Stamping and Metal End Caps for Pipes

Wedge’s experienced engineering department will work with you from concept through design of quality metal stamped products and metal components at competitive prices. Wedge Product’s recognized journeymen tool and die makers can modify and maintain your tools and stamping dies. Their craftsmanship is an important supplement to their highly trained engineering department.

Since 1933, companies worldwide have relied on Wedge Products to deliver quality metal stamping products on time and at a competitive price. Wedge is an aerospace certified stamper offering a full range of services. At their modern 110,000 square foot facility, Wedge produces metal stampings and plastic stamping from a wide range of materials and thicknesses.

Their experience has served to establish themselves as one of the most effective manufacturers of deep draw stampings and other stamped products, including metal end caps for pipes. Contact Wedge Products today for the best in stamped metal products.

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