Here’s Why Your Facility Can Use a PM Lift or Cogan Mezzanine | Benefits and More

Benefits For Your Industrial Facility

Productivity and safety are arguably the two most important factors in industrial facilities. Your production and efficiency can only be as good as the safety standards you set in place to protect your employees. When employees are working safely and effectively, your facility can run at peak performance.

If you want to improve your industrial facility’s productivity while also protecting your employees, you need a VRC PM lift and a Cogan mezzanine. Let’s dive into the benefits of this equipment.

What is a VRC PM Lift?

A VRC, or Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor, is a type of freight or material lift that is used to move large materials from one floor to another. VRC’s are not designed to move people, only material objects. The lift moves large objects between two or more floors, fixed elevations, or mezzanines. VRC’s are a great solution in an industrial facility because they efficiently move heavy materials to speed up the moving process, and keep employees from having to move the materials themselves or with machinery like forklifts.

Facilities such as manufacturing, retail, wholesale, or distribution can benefit from a VRC PM lift the most. The lifts are especially useful when multiple overhead storage areas are used throughout the facility and need to be accessed. A VRC PM lift can be operated manually or automatically depending on your preference. They can also come in a variety of lifting capacities, speeds, carrier footprint sizes, and compatibility with almost any type of working environment. VRC’s can be in an outdoor space, explosion-proof, clean room, or high/low-temperature facilities. A VRC PM lift is a great solution not only to your productivity and safety, but also to cost-efficiency. A VRC costs significantly less than traditional elevators that also take more time to build.

What is a Cogan Mezzanine?

A Cogan mezzanine is a free-standing platform that can be added to any industrial facility to increase overhead storage and give you more space. Cogan mezzanines are structural steel units that allow for expansion of any size, no matter what kind of space your facility needs. They are engineered to be able to adapt to your facility’s evolving accommodations to increase the flexibility and efficiency of your industrial facility.

If you have issues with floor space, but your ceiling height is good, a Cogan mezzanine is ideal. A mezzanine gives you an additional floor to use for storage without jeopardizing your original floor space. You don’t necessarily have to use a mezzanine for storage space, either. They can be used for workstations, offices, or even service areas.

What Are the Benefits?

Both the VRC PM lift and the Cogan mezzanine are modular units. But what is a modular unit? Modular units are sections that are joined together to make prefabricated rooms, buildings, houses, or any space that can be conjoined. Because modular units are prefabricated, the installation is simple and typically completed on site.


  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced physical labor requirements
  • Space utilization
  • Easy access to mezzanines, lofts, upper levels, or inaccessible areas
  • Increased safety
  • Long-term durability and reliability
  • Cost-efficient
  • Quick ROI (return on investment)

A VRC PM lift is safer than using a forklift to move heavy materials or trying to move them manually. You can protect your employees while maximizing efficiency with a PM lift.

Cogan Mezzanine

    • Reduced energy consumption
    • Eliminate new construction cost
    • Custom design
    • Welded support structure
    • Pre-engineered, pre-cut, ready to install
    • Can be relocated
    • Penco Channel Lock Safety Grating decking
    • No architectural cost involved

A Cogan mezzanine is known for quality engineering, design flexibility, and easy assembly. Your industrial facility will have shorter lead times and the fast assembly of the mezzanine will minimize interference with your daily operations.

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