Using Podcast Transcripts to Your Advantage

Get an SEO edge by posting your podcast transcripts

Your Podcast Has Power

So you’re using podcasting to connect with your target markets better than ever before. This medium is effective when it comes to keeping your audience engaged, but are you truly getting the most out of your work?
Did you know that you can leverage your podcast for even more conversions? Publishing your podcast transcripts to your company website means you’ll have another way to rank in the search engine results for your top keywords.

How Do Podcast Episode Transcriptions Add to an SEO Strategy?

Google started to index podcast content as of May 2019. This means that if users search for a specific podcast, the content will show up in the results. Transcribing your podcast episodes and posting the text ensures accessibility for internet users with disabilities and improves your search engine rankings.
Be sure to draw attention to the transcripts on your website and inform listeners of how to find them. Your audience should want to interact with them. This means not just stopping at dialogue. Optimize your transcripts by adding images, takeaways, key points with timestamps, and summaries. This will allow you to rank higher for keywords.
Post supporting content to draw more listeners and readers to your podcast and website. For example, link your episode to photos or videos and gain more listeners and, as a result, better search engine rankings.

Transcribing Your Podcast

Adding your podcast transcription to your website is easy. First, download the episode audio file. Next, put the audio through a transcription software, which can include Sonix, Castos, or Trint, among others. Then review your content and perform competitor research to determine the keywords for which you want to rank. Post the content to your website and optimize any applicable image alt tags and heading tags. Then go into Search Console and have Google index the page. Finally, annotate your work in Google Analytics.

Moving Forward

Once you commit to posting transcripts regularly, you can start creating future episodes with your SEO goals in mind. Adapt to market changes and promote new products or services more effectively than ever before. If podcasting has made a positive impact on your brand, don’t miss out on all that it can offer — Post your transcripts!

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