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JH Industries Inc. | Portable Loading Docks | Copperloy

About Copperloy/JH Industries: Quality Results For Efficient Workplaces

Copperloy/JH Industries is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of loading dock products.  This Northeast Ohio manufacturer has its roots in Twinsburg but its reach across the country. They produce quality products through the latest in computer numerical control (CNC) and robotic technologies.  Copperloy’s products include portable loading docks, stage ramps, hydraulic lifts, and more. Look at Copperloy to help your business boost efficiency, profitability, and safety.  Some of the many industries Copperloy/JH Industries serves are the construction, military, and plastics machinery fields.  For more than fifty years, Copperloy has been a source of quality American-made loading dock equipment.

Are Copperloy’s Portable Loading Docks the Right Choice For My Business?

Portable loading docks may be right for businesses with no permanent location or with limited space.  Copperloy’s portable loading docks are the ideal choice for parallel loading. Depending on the situation, portable loading docks can connect to form larger units.  Copperloy/JH Industries can produce customized portable loading docks to meet your facility’s exact circumstances and needs. Count on Copperloy/JH Industries to provide efficient portable loading docks that work with facilities’ existing setups.  

Why Choose Copperloy’s Portable Loading Docks?

Copperloy/JH Industries has over five decades of expertise.  They prioritize collaboration between departments and with the customer to best achieve clients’ goals.  An in-house engineering department ensures Copperloy/JH Industries has complete control over the entire manufacturing process.  This makes for a cost-effective experience.  Copperloy’s portable loading docks are notable for their platform curbs, platform deck grating, lift sleeves, portable steel platforms, optional handrail, and custom platform options.  Copperloy/JH Industries commits to providing long-lasting results. For example, their portable loading docks’ steel grating bars require no maintenance. The bars’ strategic spacing also prevents water damage.  The company also manufactures quality accessories and replacement parts for portable loading docks and other equipment. Copperloy/JH Industries has the right resources to enhance your workplace’s efficiency. Some of these accessories include locking pins, wheel chocks, and bumper guards.  

How Can Copperloy/JH Industries Create Customized Solutions For My Business?

Copperloy/JH Industries can create the ideal material-handling equipment structure for your organization’s unique needs.  Their team can work from your own CAD drawings or produce their own design plans. You can trust in Copperloy/JH Industries to produce cost-effective portable loading docks.  The team designs and manufactures completely in-house at the Copperloy/JH Industries facility in Twinsburg. Their portable loading docks could be the solution you have been looking for.  Some of their customized work has included:

  • Rebar pallets
  • Rail boards
  • Yard ramps
  • Dock to ground ramp
  • 35,000-pound capacity yard ramp
  • 40,000-pound capacity pallet    

In addition, businesses seeking new loading docks can also take advantage of Copperloy’s custom steel fabrication.  The expert welders, machinists, and robotic equipment at Copperloy/JH Industries produce loading dock equipment for any application.  The Copperloy/JH Industries team offers a wide range of customized solutions, including:

  • Machined tables
  • Machined bases and frames
  • Precision machining
  • Large machined fabrications
  • Automation
  • Fixtures and tooling
  • Custom machinery tooling
  • Material handling equipment

How Can I Find Out More?

Northeast Ohio businesses can find industry-leading material-handling equipment right in their own backyard with Twinsburg-based Copperloy/JH Industries.  However, companies nationwide have access to the same quality products. The professionals at Copperloy/JH Industries set themselves apart through custom steel fabrication and custom design.  Copperloy/JH Industries sets the standard with custom-made docks. Their products improve efficiency in any industry, in any space, and in any situation. When speed and ease of use matter most, Copperloy’s portable loading docks can be the best improvements to an organization’s space.  The team at Copperloy/JH Industries can help you determine how their docks and other products could help your business. Reach out to the professionals at Copperloy/JH Industries by filling out the contact form at copperloy.com or call (330) 963-4105 or toll-free at (800) 321-4968. Find out what Copperloy’s portable loading docks can do for your business and call for a quote. Copperloy home of the Ultimate Yard Ramp! 

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