Should I Already Be Thinking About My Post-Coronavirus Marketing Plan?

The Coronavirus has Changed our World

The coronavirus outbreak has completely reshaped all of our preconceived notions of what 2020 would be like. Between working from home and social distancing, not many of us are thinking about what life will be like after the virus. However, what will happen to your brand after the virus is eradicated? It’s still too early to tell what kind of impact COVID-19 will have on our country. That’s why it’s a smart idea to have your marketing team develop a plan for when the smoke clears.

The Coronavirus’s Impact on Marketing

Online Shopping
Online shopping actually managed to beat out offline merchandising stores for the first time in February 2019 (Adroll.). Customers are looking for ways to get the services and products they need without having to leave their homes. Products like books and electronics have often been purchased online, however, we’ll most likely see an uptick in online purchases of items like groceries and toiletries, as consumers are in need of the ability to live their lives without leaving their homes. 

Digital Communication Platforms

Events and gatherings have faced restrictions, with more conferences, meetings, and events being held using digital platforms as opposed to face-to-face encounters. Many businesses are struggling with how to translate the in-person experience of their service or product to the online world, turning to channels that they may not have used in the past. This change in communication style may push more businesses to operate on the internet, even in B2B industries, where marketers have been slow to let go of trade shows and conventions.

Digital Marketing

This influx of online users presents an opportunity for businesses. Now is the time to get a marketing plan in place so you can target consumers who are searching for your service or product. Millions of people are looking for resources online, and your business should be in front of them – providing what they need when they need it.

How ADVAN Can Help Your Business Survive

At ADVAN website design company, we understand the importance of digital marketing. Having a digital marketing plan in place will allow you to maintain your online presence and even gain new customers. Our team of marketing experts can help your business survive by focusing on your profitability and sales. In addition, we’ll make sure you achieve the highest ROI for your investment. 
To learn more about how we can help you develop a digital marketing plan, or to schedule a consultation, contact ADVAN website design company at 330.688.1324. In addition, you can submit your questions via our contact form.

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