Rotational Molding Designer

Rotational Molding Designer In Northeast Ohio

For over twenty-five years, Greg Stout has been a plastic product designer and for over fourteen years, he has also been a rotational molding designer with his company Blue-Reed LLC. Located in Stow, Ohio, Stout and the experts Blue-Reed have worked to create a company that is innovative, experienced, and allows the client to access a network of molders and designers across North America.
Rotational molding is a plastics process designed to produce hollow plastic parts. Since the molds are relatively inexpensive compared to other plastics processes like injection or blow-molding tooling, this process lends itself to low volume production. A lot of designers chose this way because it is ideal for part quantities of 2,000 or under per year or the production of very large hollow plastic parts. Another reason many designers choose rotational molding is due to the complex geometric shapes, deep draws and zero draft that can be incorporated into each part. No other hollow parts process has the design freedoms and potential of rotational molding. At Blue-Reed, they foster relationships with rotational molders throughout the country and possess an intimate knowledge of their equipment, capabilities and competencies. They would be more than happy to assist you in locating a molder that fits both your geographical and part complexity requirements. Blue-Reed even has relationships with molders as far away as China. If you need a rotational molding designer that can negotiate costs with other manufactures and provide you with molds and designs, then Blue-Reed LLC is the place to go.

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