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Copperloy’s Semi-Truck Ramps are engineered with industrial use in mind. They need to be capable of handling the workload day in and out, if unstable and unreliable this could be detrimental to employees and the efficiency of your facility. Copperloy’s Semi-Truck Ramps also know as Tractor-Trailer Ramps, or Semi-Trailer Ramps are designed to take on heavy loads and can withstand capacities of 16,000 to 25,000 for aluminum and 16,000 to 35,000 for steel. These ground-to-truck ramps provide grade level access to semi-truck beds which allow forklifts to enter with ease to unload materials  With Copperloy’s ramps, you can rest assured that they are engineered to be safe, efficient, strong, and durable.

Benefits of Semi-Truck Ramps:

  • Single -hydraulic system- Lift times are up to two and a half times quicker.
  • Ease of operation- Hydraulic pump is conveniently located on outside of ramp for ease of access and protects from debris and damage.
  • Limited wear and tear- Rotation at the positioning sleeve decreases wear and tear.
  • Superior stability- With a centrally located cylinder greatly reduces the chance of tipping.
  • Maintenance free tires- 18″ solid filled pneumatic tires dominate rugged terrain without the worry of punctures.

These are just a few advantages that Copperloy semi-truck ramps provide. If you are looking to significantly improve the efficiency of the loading and unloading process, consider Copperloy’s semi-truck ramps. Reliability and safety are their specialties.

Features of Semi-Truck Ramps:

Specifications of steel semi-truck ramps

  • Length: Up to 36′
  • Height: Range from 38″-65″
  • Width: 70″ or 84″
  • Capacity: 16,00o-35,000 pounds

Specifications of Aluminum semi-truck ramps

  • Length: Up to 36′
  • Height: Range from 38″-65″
  • Width: 70″ or 84″
  • Capacity: 16,00o-25,000 pounds

Standard tractor trailer ramp features

  • 7″ safety curbs to prevent accidents
  • Steel grating for all-weather traction
  • One-cylinder hydraulic pump for a quick rise time
  • Positioning sleeve to maneuver 180 degrees into proper position
  • 15″ lip to prevent the ramp from pulling away
  • Standard, 8′ level off for stability and easy operation. A custom 10′ level off is also available

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