How to Outrank Your Competitors and Grow Your Business

If your brand doesn’t claim the top spot for the search terms relevant to your business, then you’re not reaching all of your target audience.  Whether you want to take the number one result for “best machine shop,” “landscaping contractor near me” or “custom rubber molder,” it takes careful planning and a partnership with a team of search engine optimization (SEO) experts. What is SEO? The term refers to a set of strategies that marketers use to enhance webpage content both on and off a company’s website to help that website rank in the search engine results for certain terms.

While some teams may take on an SEO campaign in-house, you can get the most out of your efforts by partnering with a team of SEO experts. With a professional campaign, you can set your brand apart from your competition.

One of the most critical aspects of any SEO campaign is competitor analysis. While you and your team may think you know everything you need to know about your competition, a team of SEO professionals can help you target the most valuable search terms and position your brand as an leading authority in your field.

Evaluating Your SEO Competitors and Launching a Successful Campaign

Effective SEO involves thorough competitor research. A reliable SEO company will be able to evaluate your competition’s strengths and weaknesses to decide the right direction for your campaign. Relevant factors  include a company’s places in local and national search engine results, the implementation of a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, the content of blogs and levels of social media engagement.

User experience (UX) is another critical determinant of a webpage’s rankings in the search engine results. When analyzing a competitor site, an SEO team considers aspects such as page loading speed, responsive website design, accessibility, the positioning of calls to action and to determine the best response for your campaign.

Boosting Your Rankings With Thorough Keyword Research

What about keywords? You cannot move anywhere within the search engine results without knowing what the most important keywords are.

When a marketing team identifies keywords, they focus on users’ intent. Does entering a certain term yield results that fulfill a searcher’s needs? Which listing provides the ideal solution? It is also important for marketers to consider search volume. If people very rarely search for a given term, then there is no real need to optimize for it. Authority is another factor determining a page’s rankings. When a site links to  credible sites that enrich the content, the Google algorithm recognizes that site as credible and ranks that page higher in the search engine results. seo competitors ADVAN work sample

Maintaining the Right Focus to Grow Your Business

While you may have several competing businesses in mind when planning your SEO campaign, you’ll find while working with an SEO company that it will be best to only focus on certain competitors. You may find that some of your fiercest competitors offline just aren’t going after the same audiences as your team online. Professionals can help you recognize which companies are holding your brand back in the search engine results and which ones are not.

When you partner with a digital marketing team that commits to putting in the time for competitor analysis, you can tell your brand’s story more effectively and generate more leads than ever before. Thorough planning translates to results.

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While the competition for visibility in the search engine results seems overwhelming, there is no need for your SEO competitors to intimidate you. When you partner with a team of SEO experts, you can claim the right spots in the search engine results, form new connections and grow your business like never before.

Are you ready to start fueling your business growth with a professional SEO campaign? Count on ADVAN Design to help you secure brand visibility and become a more valuable resource to your target audiences. Investing in  professional SEO campaign could be the smartest investment you make in the growth of your business. When you need an SEO team that commits to the planning process, ADVAN should be your first choice.

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