How Do Industries Other Than Laundromats Benefit From Laundry Equipment Like Sioux Water Heaters?

Laundry Equipment Is More Versatile Than You Think

When you hear the term laundry industry, you most likely think of laundromats before any other type of business. And while laundromats are one of the top industries to use laundry equipment, they’re not the only ones. Businesses such as uniform shops, gyms, and hospitals all require reliable laundry equipment, like Sioux water heaters.

Similar to a laundromat, uniform shops need high-quality machines to wash and press customers’ clothing. Gyms have loads of used towels to sanitize and clean thoroughly. Hospitals have a high volume of bed linens and other hospital linens that also need to be kept clean.

There are countless laundry machines to choose from for your facility. It’s important to know what services you offer to select the best laundry equipment to get the job done. Read on to learn more about laundry equipment such as Sioux water heaters or a used Chicago flatwork ironer for sale.

Sioux Water Heaters

A reliable water heater is necessary for any of the industries mentioned above. In fact, without hot water, many industries can’t perform their typical operations and services. Sioux water heaters provide a continuous supply of hot water. There is no preheating required and no recovery time needed. For maximum efficiency, a Sioux water heater can reach 100°F in 3 to 5 minutes.

Precision is important no matter what industry you’re in, and with Sioux water heaters, outlet temperatures and flow rate can be held at exact levels. The best part of commercial water heaters like Sioux is the system comes pre-plumbed and pre-wired, making installation a breeze and saving time.

Chicago Flatwork Ironer

A used Chicago flatwork ironer for sale is a large commercial laundry appliance that is mainly used in industries that iron large volumes of linens such as sheets, pillowcases, or table cloths. Flatwork ironers are energy-saving appliances that iron and dry linens at the same time. These irons are mostly used in restaurants, hotels, and large catering services.

Flatwork ironers consist of a large heated roller that linens are fed through. When the linens are passed through the heater rolled, they are ironed and dried at the same time. This dual process saves you both time and space while two crucial jobs are completed in one step. A used Chicago flatwork ironer for sale is a great way to boost your company’s productivity.

Custom Steam Coils

Heavy-duty custom steam coils can achieve high-performance durability in situations where multiple coils have previously failed. Custom steam coils are meant to function in acidic water, areas with salty air, or areas with a continuous presence of dangerous chemicals. Steam coils can be found in air handlers that provide heat for commercial and industrial buildings. Air from the fans is warmed and moved across aluminum, stainless steel, or copper fins.

Custom steam coils are also commonly used in rooftop units or ductwork. As steam enters as a gas and is condensed into a liquid, heat is created in the tubes to warm the air. This is one of the most common types of heating air, because there is typically a central utility system that produces the steam to heat the air, while simultaneously heating the facility.

The More You Know

Laundry equipment can be used in facilities across multiple different industries, not just laundromats. In hospitals, gyms, and uniform shops, cleaning and pressing linens is a non-stop demand. If you’re feeling the pressure of these laundry demands, it may be time to upgrade your laundry equipment.

For your laundry equipment needs, consider Sioux water heaters, a used Chicago flatwork ironer for sale, or custom steam coils. Inefficient equipment shouldn’t drag your operations down. Your facility needs reliable laundry equipment for smooth operations. If you’re ready to make a change, contact industrial laundry equipment experts today.

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