Social Media Marketing During COVID-19

Social Media Marketing: Times Have Changed

The coronavirus has brought with it tons of change. From homeschooling kids to working from home, we’re trying to adjust to this “new normal.” During uncertain times, people look to their communities to decide how to respond. 
Social media marketing is an important communication piece, and people are turning to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram for information and support during this time. In fact, social media may become even more important as many around the world are in quarantine.
So, how should you adjust our social media calendar for the future? While we’re still figuring this out, here are some starting points to consider.

Pause and Reconsider 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ll want to be extremely empathetic and caring when writing and responding to posts. You can still market your products or services, but take the time to be sensitive to your customers’ needs. 
Now is the perfect time to take an audit of your social media marketing plan and adjust as needed. Posts you may have planned 1 month ago might not be the best to publish right now. Or, there might be topics more relevant to what’s going on in the world. 
Reflect on your overall goals and decide if your priorities need to change. Taking a look at the bigger picture can help you assess what social media means to your business – and your audience – during a time of crisis.

Can Your Business Help?

Companies all across the globe are likely to be impacted by the coronavirus in some way, and there could be things you can do to help. Have your business hours changed? Be transparent and inform your audience about any changes. 
If you’re involved in positive initiatives, like volunteering time or making masks, share that on your social media. You can build credibility and trust with your audience by letting them know that you’re trying to make a difference. 

Communicate Clearly

Be sure to clearly communicate anything that could affect your audience directly. For instance, do your customers usually reach you by calling the office at regular business hours? If your team is working from home, you need to communicate that to your audience, so they know how to get in touch with someone. In addition, share details early in order to give your audience time to react.

ADVAN Social Media Management 

You’ll need an expert writer in order to craft your message for your audience. At ADVAN, our content writing experts can create messaging tailored to your audience. We also provide recommendations for what day and time to post in order to generate the most engagement. 
If you need guidance on your social media strategy at this time, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at ADVAN Digital.

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