Social Media Marketing Services

Elevate your business and brand with ADVAN’s social media strategy services

When you choose ADVAN as your social media marketing partner, you’ll gain access to a team of digital marketing experts. With 25+ years of experience in the industry, we have the capability to leverage powerful software applications, analytical data, and influencers. ADVAN’s digital marketing analysts will analyze the data and develop a strategy to push your brand to the top of its industry.
The ADVAN team can develop a social media marketing strategy for your team to implement, or we can fully manage your social media platform(s). We’ll ensure that you’re utilizing social media best practices to get the most from the algorithms.

Social Media Research

Our social media strategy process begins with a high-level analysis of your current social media footprint and addresses all immediate needs. Once our initial analysis is completed, we’ll begin an in-depth analysis of your current strategy, reach, and engagement. Included in this analysis is competitive market research of your direct competitors as well as hashtag keyword research.
We collect and analyze data from multiple sources and present that data into a format you can easily understand. We can then develop a social media content calendar with what content we’re going to post, what day and time we’re going to post it, as well as what platforms we’re going to post on.

Social Media Branding

The ADVAN team can help you achieve consistent branding across all digital platforms; from your website to your social media outlets. Having cohesive brand messaging has a greater impact on your reach, customer engagement, and customer conversion rates.

Social Media Targeting and Remarketing

As your audience grows through our social media marketing process, you’ll want to keep them engaged so they hopefully return. We’ll determine whom to target based on additional research, including analytics of the posts with successful organic growth.
Once we determine what made some posts more successful than others, we take that data and target those specific metrics in order to keep expanding the reach of your business and brand across all social media platforms.

Monthly Analysis

We’ll provide you with a monthly social media report in an easy-to-read format. The report will detail everything we’ve posted, the results of those posts, and recommendations for continued success.
What do our social media management services include?

  • Social media account branding
  • Strategy development and planning
  • Content creation and publishing
  • Competitive market research and analysis
  • Keyword & hashtag research
  • Consulting and education

Contact ADVAN today to elevate your social media marketing strategy.

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