Looking For Steel Slitting Lines for Sale? | Here’s How a Slitting Line Works

Advance Your Operations with Steel Slitting Lines for Sale

Steel slitting lines for sale are an essential piece of equipment in metal processing. A slitting line is used to break down large pieces of metal into smaller coils that fit a specific width or weight. Once in place, the master metal coil feeds into the slitting line where it is formed to your specifications using a series of smaller, more intricate parts.

Once the slit coils are produced, they are then recoiled. Steel slitting lines for sale are machines that can slit both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and, depending on the manufacturer, can also handle high-strength steel, aluminum, and other advanced metals.

Steel Slitting Versus Cut-to-Length Line

Steel slitting lines are different from cut-to-length lines. A cut-to-length line, as suggested in the name, is much more precise in its final product. Cut-to-length lines take the coil of material, uncoil it, then level it.

Once it’s leveled, this equipment can then cut it to the precise width and length that you need it to be. The cut-to-length line may also be able to create inter-roll tension and run even if a certain motor or gear fails. What this does is conserve energy and speed up the process.

On the contrary, steel slitting lines for sale take a master coil of material and then break it down into smaller coils with specific widths. If you have a large operation, you might need both a steel slitting line and cut-to-length line equipment to get the job done right.

Thankfully, when you choose the right manufacturer, you’ll be able to customize these types of lines to fit your exact needs. This can mean you add more parts to accommodate large capacities of the coil, or you reduce capacity if you want a smaller line that will fit into your facility.

Purchasing Steel Slitting Lines for Sale

If you’ve determined that you need steel slitting lines for sale at your workplace, the first step you’ll take is to research manufacturing companies and find the right fit. Oftentimes, a manufacturer will provide a complimentary quote or consultation to ensure you are fully transparent of your needs, and the cost of the final product.

Because steel slitting lines for sale require so many different parts, you will need to plan with an engineer as to what parts you want to be included. The basic steel slitting line has these parts:

  • Uncoil Line: This material handling machine uncoils the steel at the beginning of the process. It is essential because it controls the speed and the direction of the metal strip. Once the strip of metal unwinds from the coil, it goes to the line for processing. Processing varies depending on the desired size.
  • Recoil Line: The recoil line will take slit strips and wind them using a spool-shaped technique. The recoil line includes an expanding mandrel that can control the speed and direction of the strip while it’s being rewound. Depending on how fast or slow you need the line to move, you can specify the recoil line.
  • Scrap Chopper: A scrap chopper chops the edge trim scrap into smaller pieces as desired. The scrap chopper is usually found in heavy gauge slitting lines. Thanks to the scrap chopper, you can easily dispose of unused metal, or collect it to tell a different manufacturer if you don’t need it.

Though these are the basic features of steel slitting lines for sale, you can always talk to the manufacturer about any specifications you require. Once you have the final piece designed, you’re on your way to adding steel slitting lines for sale to your workplace!

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