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shot peening near meWhat Is Shot Peening?

Shot peening is similar to sandblasting, however, instead of removing any materials, the process is simply to improve the plasticity and quality of the metal surface you are working with. This process is used in a variety of different industries like gear parts, cylinders, and turbine blades. Shot peening near me is a modern technique that is used across a variety of industries.

How Does Shot Peening Work?

Shot peening increases the fatigue life of metal parts by improving their resistance to corrosion, erosion, stress corrosion cracking, foreign object damage, fretting fatigue, as well as work-hardening components. The biggest question is, “how does shot peening work?” 

Shot peening improves the characteristics of a metal component by propelling spherical media. Not to be confused with shot blasting which cleans a metal’s surface by propelling steel beads or other blasting particles. Shot peening extends the life of metals, whereas shot blasting cleans and descales metal components.

What Are The Benefits Of Shot Peening?

Shot peening services have two main advantages: they lengthen the life of metal parts and prevent fracture formation, which helps to prevent catastrophic component failure. The parts that are shot-peened are most likely gears for cars or turbines for planes. 

Shot peening metal components is critical to extending the life of the parts as well as ensuring the safety of using those vehicles.

 Different Shot Peening Services 

Just like any manufacturing service, there are multiple different methods of shot peening. Some of the different kinds of shot peening consist of:

  • Ultrasonic peening
  • Wet peening
  • Laser peening
  • Mechanical peening
  • Air shot peening
  • Hammer peening
  • Rotary flap peening
  • Shot peen forming
  • Laser ablation peening
  • Water jet peening

Each shot peening system consists of different mechanisms, processes, and techniques to strengthen the given medium. The most common shot peening service is conventional or mechanical shot peening.

Cost of Shot Peening Services

The shot peening procedure is well-known and reasonably inexpensive, and it has been subjected to extensive study and quality control to ensure its efficacy. For basic lightweight equipment for shot peening, the cost is relatively low, however, the more inexpensive equipment is geared toward working on small parts and gears.

If you need shot peening work done for aerospace or medical equipment, one machine can cost upwards of $100,000 or even millions of an automated shot peening machine.

Finding Shot Peening Services Near Me

Shot peening is a relatively common service, however, depending on the job that you need completed, you will want to do research on several different metal finishers. Some of the details you will want to include in your search for a metal finishing company are their cost, experience, and average job time. 

The metal industry is constantly changing and average job times are extending, so you have to think about your projects ahead of time to get the right metal as well as have the right team for your job.

There are several shot peening services near me in Northeast Ohio that are experts in their fields and ready to take on your project. Learn more about shot peening near me today.

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