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Designing a website for your business is more than acquiring a domain name. Website design is a scientific and artistic process that requires a diverse range of skills. Here at ADVAN Design, graphic design, content creation, programming, and search engine optimization (SEO) all come together to make your site a more welcoming and engaging experience for potential customers.

ADVAN Design is a leading provider of website design and optimization services for businesses in Northeast Ohio. Our marketing, design, and SEO services have helped local companies find their footing in the online marketplace for 20 years. With our expertise, we have been able to increase the consumer base and revenue of countless Ohio businesses.

We have worked with companies in a variety of industries ranging from industrial manufacturing to interior design, offering tailored solutions to emphasize the identity of each client’s business and distinguish them from their competitors. With ADVAN, your website will be more than just a link for people to click on; it will be a hub through which customers come to engage with your brand and purchase your products and services.

But what does ADVAN Design do better than other website design companies? What can we do for you that others cannot?

A Dedicated Team of Website Design Experts

ADVAN Design employs an exceptional team of specialists with proven talents in all things website design. One thing our team values above all else is communication. We make a point to provide direct communication with every client, so you receive updates on your site from the experts themselves.

Your website’s visual design is a critical part of how customers interpret your brand, so we need your input to get it right. Our talented team of graphic designers will work closely with you to gain a full understanding of your business and marketing needs. This allows us to develop the ideal configuration for your site to make it visually appealing as possible while making your brand stand out.

Our team of content creators will then craft messages in a voice that reflects your business’ personality as well as the particular advantages of choosing your products and services. This content is built in a way that encourages potential customers to call in, email, fill out forms, and request quotes with informative content and several calls to action. We also optimize this content with the help of our SEO experts, allowing us to maximize customer engagement.

The ADVAN team works to ensure your website works for you, increasing your bottom line and helping you develop a larger, more committed clientele.

Website Design Strategies that Get Results

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When you work with a proven team of graphic designers, one thing is certain: your site is going to look amazing. However, this is not the only concern when developing a website. Your site also needs to function properly. If your site looks appealing but cannot perform, you are going to lose customers to slow load times, confusing menus, and broken links.

Here at ADVAN, we design sites that maintain high-level performance at all levels of traffic while providing a unique and pleasing visual experience for every visitor. Our website design strategies will make your site easier to navigate and understand to keep customers browsing. We also implement targeted calls to action to convert more of your visitors into paying customers.

With our website design strategies, your site will outperform competitors and put you at the top of search rankings for your industry. This ensures that you will attract far more customers than before, accelerate growth, increase sales, and improve your marketing ROI.

Navigation Made Easy

Navigation is one of the most important parts of functional website design. If the average visitor is going to struggle to navigate your site and find the information they need, the likelihood of them becoming a customer is slim to none. Most people do not want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out a confusing website, so they will get frustrated and move on to a company with better website design.

ADVAN Design creates sites that are intuitive, presenting information in a simple and easy-to-understand fashion. This allows visitors to explore your website without issue, find what they need, and become active customers within minutes.

Optimized Content Creation

Our team of content creators and marketing experts will make generating leads easier than ever before. While creating a stylish layout is important, ignoring the content on each page with pretty pictures and no substance. The graphic design is what draws customers in, and the content is what keeps them coming back.

ADVAN’s content creators write content that clearly expresses what your company offers to customers and distinguishes you from similar companies. We develop content that is well-written while maintaining the voice of your particular brand and implementing numerous calls to action. This allows visitors to get an accurate understanding of your services and have a direct line to becoming a paying customer.

Creating Customers with One Click

Customer conversion is the central goal of any business’s website. This is why we put an emphasis on adding calls to action or CTAs on each webpage. These come in the form of questionnaires, lead forms, phone numbers, or even direct links to purchase a product. CTAs will seamlessly fit into all your product and service pages, encouraging each visitor to take the time to engage with your business and even make purchases online. This is one of the many steps to turning your website into your best tool for company growth.

Increasing Traffic with SEO Strategies

Have you ever wondered why certain websites are at the top of your Google searches? Well, that’s because of search engine optimization (SEO). This is a process of learning how Google processes information and decides how relevant it is for certain keywords and phrases. If Google believes your content to be more useful or relevant, it will push you to the top of the search results.

Here at ADVAN, our SEO process starts with analyzing your competitors. We look at what companies are currently reaching the top of search results for keywords relating to your business, and develop a plan to help your site push past them.

Our team has helped countless businesses reach the top of search engines, helping them significantly increase traffic and customer engagement. Once your website has reached the #1 spot for relevant keywords, you will see an exponential increase in the number of visitors, maximizing your chances for customer conversion and sales.

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