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Deep Drawing Stamping Parts

deep draw stamping partsWhat is deep draw or deep drawn stamping? To put it simply, deep draw stamping parts are parts made by feeding a metal blank through several metalworking stations until the desired component shape is reached. Deep draw stamping parts are often cylindrical in shape or are otherwise complex geometries. Deep draw stamping differs from regular drawing and from regular stamping because it creates parts or components that are deeper than when they started. Think of a cup shape as an example. It can take a while to set up the deep draw stamping process, but once that part is completed, there are numerous benefits in requesting deep drawn parts from deep draw stamping suppliers. Here are just a few.

Speed and Efficiency

Once the equipment is programmed to push the metal blank through each station as required, deep drawn parts are manufactured quickly and consistently with no assembly required. If you add expertise like what Wedge Products brings to the table, the process becomes even faster and more effective.


Along with not needing any assembly, deep drawn parts tend to be seamless. That means there is no point at which the part or component will be particularly weak. For industries like Aerospace, where reliable parts are not optional, this is an important detail. Deep drawn stamping parts are also strong because the metal goes through a deformation process, which actually helps prevent the metal from cracking or weakening in the future.

Shapes That No Other Process Can Create

Deep draw stamping can create complex geometries, as mentioned above. Examples of the types of parts that can be created by deep draw stamping are oil pans and filter housings.

Why Wedge Products as Your Deep Draw Stamping Suppliers?

deep draw metal stamping partsOne of the first things you will notice about Wedge Products is that they are an AS9100-D Certified Aerospace Stamper. You don’t have to know much about the Aerospace industry to know that it is one of the most demanding in terms of parts and components. Wedge’s status as a certified manufacturer for this tough industry illustrates their level of experience and expertise.

Another thing you might observe about Wedge Products is that the company has been in business since 1933. Imagine all of the changes this company has been witness to and survived! In 1933 the Aerospace industry was barely an industry at all.

Finally, you will appreciate Wedge’s quality control processes, their precision and eye for detail, and their advanced equipment. Wedge has truly invested in manufacturing the best deep draw stamping parts, and it shows in every part and component they make.

wedge products deep draw stamping partsIf you are in need of parts or components that need to be complex geometries or extraordinarily strong, or if you are simply looking for deep draw stamping suppliers you can trust, contact Wedge Products today.

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