Where Do I Find Web Design Inspiration?

Find Web Design Inspiration Everywhere

Every website has the potential to be unique and personable, because every business has their own brand. However, finding web design inspiration isn’t always easy. If you’re working on a website for months, or are dealing with content that’s difficult to spice up, you might feel stuck in a rut without an obvious way forward.

Thanks to the Internet and constant connection, there are hundreds of resources you can access almost immediately for web design inspiration. And, believe it or not, there’s also tons of inspiration to be found simply by stepping outside and immersing yourself in the natural world.

Here are some of ADVAN’s tips for finding web design inspiration. 

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Curated Websites

A simple Google search for “web design inspiration” will draw hundreds of results for online tools. The website Web Design Inspiration (hint hint) is one such tool that is constantly updated with fresh content.

Sites like these often collect screenshots of innovative websites that play around with design and color elements. The point is not to copy or imitate these ideas, but to use them to fuel your own journey of finding web design inspiration. The more you immerse yourself in the world of website and graphic design, the more ideas will flow. 


Pinterest is a great resource for collecting inspiring photos and content. This app allows you to create “boards” that house different images and links that you want to use or emulate in your own way. 

For example, you can create an entire mood board that expresses the way you want visitors to feel when they land on your site. Let’s say you’re designing a website for an outdoor gear and lifestyle company. Your Pinterest board may include images of people kayaking, families hiking, sunsets, campsites, and other images that inspire a healthy connection with the natural world. This doesn’t mean you’ll be using these images for the site, but it allows you to have a visual landscape to reference when you need web design inspiration. This also works for compiling a color scheme, font selection, or other website element. 

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Social Media Profiles

Spending too much time on social media may zap your creativity, but a little bit of searching a few times a week goes a long way. There are hundreds of graphic designers out there sharing their content and inspiration every day. Look for accounts that you like, scroll through their posts, and take notes about what resonates with you.

Even if you’re not actively building a website, following designers on social media (like Instagram and Facebook) is a great way to continuously learn and keep up with the industry. You may see something now that you use years later in a project. In the vast world of social media, web design inspiration is everywhere. 


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Get Outside!

The good news is that the Internet is not the only resource you have when you’re searching for web design inspiration.  Taking time away from your computer and phone can be healthy and productive when it comes to finding new, creative ways to approach projects.

Take a walk or a hike, and look at the shapes of leaves, the textures of flowers, the way rain falls on a tree branch. You can also look beyond plants and trees, and observe the color of a butterfly, the curve of a hill, the soft blue of a bird egg. Observe the small, intricate details of the natural world, and look for ways to apply those to your website design. 

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