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Wire Manufacturing Companies | Supporting A Local Economy

When you want to make a global difference, you have to start on your own soil first. Most vendors might find it worth while to save the money and outsource to other countries, but the real cost reveals itself on the back end. Wire manufacturing companies overseas won’t provide the same attention to detail as wire manufacturing companies here in the states, it also takes away opportunities for skilled locals who are capable of producing higher quality products.

Brookfield Wire has been in business since 1947, and specializes in providing quality service, hard to find metal materials and finishes customized for your exact specifications. Brookfield serves a wide variety of industries and employees hard working Americans to stay ahead of the competition as far as wire manufacturing companies go.

Support Local Wire Manufacturing Companies for Better Quality Wire

The Customization options with US based wire manufacturing companies are endless. No matter what thickness, shape, material, or function you’re after, Brookfield can make it happen. Prioritizing communication and customer service is just not something you can count on when ordering wire products from overseas.

Brookfield is able to draw wire to your exact gauge, temper, and finish specifications from .006” to .250” diameter. Once drawn, we offer a variety of spool and package options to meet your requirements. For example, they offer aircraft safety lock wire in a handy canister, coils, reels, Acro Pacs, and more. They also offer formed, flat, or straightened and cut wire.

More Access to Hard to Find Metals

By focusing predominantly on stainless steel, nickel, and nickel-based alloys, Brookfield wire is able to offer quick lead times and highly competitive pricing, compared to other U.S. wire manufacturing companies. We proudly offer DFARS-compliant materials, assuring their clients high-quality, reliably sourced metals.

Brookfield never shys away from a challenge, their us based service technicians can find you whatever rare metals you need for your project, shaped and finished just right for the job. Better service, with all the right materials means no matter what industry you’re in, Brookfield can get you exactly what you need in a timely matter.

Wire Manufacturing Companies | Applications for Forming Wire

Formed wire finds its way into quite a few industries regular tool box. From aerospace, to medical, to industrial, electrical and more, Brookfield is able to supply quality forming wire for a wide variety of applications. Custom motorcycle shops count on Brookfield wire to keep everything they build racing ready.

The most commonly overlooked,  or avoided aspect of building a custom motorcycle is the electrical system. Mechanics spend lots of time and money building a high performance engine, but if there’s no spark, the bike can’t run. That’s where a quality motorcycle wiring harness comes in. Brookfield supplies the wire to keep motorcycles running safely and smoothly.

Brookfield wire motorcycle wire

A Wire Manufacturing Company for the Troops

When it comes to taking care of America’s finest, no imported wire products will do. In high-vibration environments, the continuous shaking, jolting, and jarring of industrial applications tends to loosen the hold of fasteners. As a result of a loosening bolt, dangerous mechanical failures can occur. When it comes to protecting our troops in battle, failure is not an option.

Brookfield’s Lock wire is the right choice for securing fasteners on tanks and armory for America’s military. When put in action, wire is thread through fasteners in order to cancel out the torque force of fasteners attempting to unwind. Safety lock wire is a critical tool to ensure not only top performance but also for the safety for our soldiers.

wire manufacturing companies supporting the troops

Brookfield Wire | A Go To among American Wire Manufacturing Companies

Supporting an American Business is good news for everyone. Especially if you’re looking for the highest quality formed wire products. Trusting the professionals right in your backyard ensures that you’re going to have the best products and the best service, ready for your project when you need it.

The Brookfield Wire team has over 70 years of experience drawing and shaping stainless steel wire. “Draw” on their experience to deliver the right alloy, size, temper, and finish for your wire requirements. Signature wire products from this wire manufacturing company include cold heading wire, shaped wire, brush wire, marine wire, welding wire, and more.

Manufacturers purchase their bulk wire for use in; brush wire, welding wire, wire for rope, wire for cable, marine wire, spring wire, screen wire, medical wire, and more. They have the equipment and experience to handle any size project. If you are in the market for stainless steel wire or specialty wire products, the team at Brookfield Wire is happy to help. Visit today to learn more!

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