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Perform the Perfect Engine Conversion with G Force Z32 LS Swap Kits

If you are looking for swap kits or other automotive components, check out G Force Performance Products. G Force’s Z32 LS swap and Z33 LS swap kits offer unmatched quality with competitive pricing. As a leading manufacturer of automotive components, G Force is can help you with anything from upgrading stock components to swapping in high-performance replacements. They offer many high-quality components in addition to the Z32 LS swap kit including flywheels, exhaust parts, crossmembers, bell housing adapters, and more!

G Force Performance Products climbed to the top of automotive components manufacturers by introducing products of unparalleled quality. They set themselves apart from their competitors with the development of their patented transmission crossmembers. G Force also dedicates time and resources to the consistent enhancement of both their products and methods of manufacturing. Thus, they can easily fulfill the specifications of any automotive modification project.

You can find the following products in the G Force Performance catalog:

  • Crossmembers
  • Adjustable Transmission Mount Replacements
  • Diesel Products/Cummins Conversion
  • Engine Lift Plates
  • Exhaust Clamps
  • Flankguard
  • Flywheels
  • LS Conversion Components
  • Throttle Valve Correctors

G Force Performance Z32 LS swap kit

The Z32 LS swap kit is a conversion kit for connecting an LS engine and a Nissan 300zx, 5-speed transmission. If you are looking to save money without sacrificing quality, this swap kit is perfect for you. This transmission swap kit allows you to run a transmission with the capability to withstand the power of an LS engine without overpaying.

In addition, Z32 transmissions offer unmatched strength and are incredibly easy to obtain. These transmissions can handle 700 horsepower with ease, and you can find them in classified ads for around $300. The Z32 LS swap kit is only compatible with naturally-aspirated 300zx plate/clutch setups from 1990-1996.

Z32 LS Swap Kit | High-Quality Engine Conversion Products

The G Force kit includes:

  • Custom Steel Flywheel
  • 3/8 Steel Powder Coated Adapter Plate
  • Pilot Bushing Adapter
  • Mounting Hardware

Additional Details:

  • Stock 300zx pilot bushing and machined steel adapter included.
  • 300zx Starter mounted on side of the transmission.
  • Not compatible with twin-turbo Z32 transmissions.
    • The twin-turbo version has a larger bell housing, which moves the starter farther from the flywheel ring gear. This causes the starter to not properly engage with the flywheel.
  • 300zx pressure plate/clutch and throw-out bearing.
    • Compatible with naturally-aspirated or twin-turbo pressure plate/clutch discs.

G Force Performance Z33 LS swap kit

With the Z33 LS swap kit, you can mate a Nissan 250z, 6-speed transmission to a Gen III or Gen IV LS Series Chevy Small Block Engine with ease. If you are looking to save money without sacrificing quality, this conversion kit is both affordable and incredibly strong, so it can handle the significant power of an LS engine without emptying your wallet.

These kits are also readily available and easy to find. This transmission conversion kit is perfect whether you are working on a Nissan 350Z or an old LS hotrod. The Z33 LS swap kit compatible transmissions were available from 2003-2008 in Nissan 350Z’S. The G Force kit includes:

  • Custom Steel Flywheel
  • Pilot Bushing and Adapter
  • Hi-Torque Starter Adapter
    • (Use your current Hi-Torque Mini Starter or purchase one separately.)
  • 3/8 Steel Adapter Plate with a Powder Coated Finish
  • Mounting Hardware

Additional Details:

  • The G Force LS to Z33 flywheel is a billet steel kit, weighing approximately 30 lbs.
  • Requires no transmission modifications.
    • Some heavy wall bell housings may need a minor clearance trim for the flywheel ring gear. Simply polish away .06 inches over a small area the size of a stamp.
  • To provide clearance for your high torque starter, the LS block requires the removal of a small casting boss.
    • A small modification with a hand grinder. In-depth instructions included with the purchase.
  • Direct bolt-on flywheel with no adapters or spacer bushings.
    • (Some conversion kits implement much lighter aluminum flywheels. However, 30-pound steel wheels prove to be the best for 90% of all available builds.
  • The flywheel is usable with any OEM or aftermarket 350Z clutch assembly.
  • Includes a stock 350Z pilot bushing with a machined steel adapter

About G Force Performance Products | Z32 LS Swap Kit

G Force Performance Products is a leading provider of automotive parts and accessories. They offer immense experience in developing high-performance components for virtually any application. G Force has focused its resources on the development of the highest quality products for the needs of the automotive enthusiast since they introduced their patented transmission crossmember. 

Most importantly, G Force Performance has become a pioneer in the creation of automotive solutions with unparalleled quality and performance standards. In fact, G Force’s innovative designs positioned them as the leading provider of automotive transmission crossmembers, flywheels, and engine swap kits. Whether you are a casual hobbyist or a seasoned automotive professional, you can rely on G Force for the high-quality automotive components you need.

Learn more about G Force Performance Products by contacting them at (330) 753-5300 or visiting their website https://www.crossmembers.com/.

G Force Performance Products | Z32 LS Swap

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