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Rust and corrosion can render even the best ice skate blades unusable. Without proper protection, rust damage can waste copious amounts of money that could easily be saved. Zerust’s Skate Covers can make this problem a thing of the past. With these ice skate blade covers, you will no longer have to worry about the dangers of rust and corrosion. You can rest easy while Zerust keeps your skates in perfect condition.
Zerust is capable of handling nearly any corrosion issue. Whether it’s your ice skates or your tackle box, Zerust will eliminate the threat of rust damage. Zerust can also protect other items such as jewelry, automotive parts, and firearms. Regardless of the Zerust product you choose, it will protect your belongings safely and efficiently.
In addition, Zerust will save you money in the long run. The longevity of your metal belongings increases significantly with the help of Zerust. The Zerust products alone have a lifespan of five years; furthermore, they can be reused for multiple applications during their lifespan. This is one of many reasons why Zerust is perfect for industry experts and homeowners alike.

How Does It Work? | Zerust Ice Skate Covers

The wide selection of Zerust products all function similarly, including the skate covers. Zerust produces an invisible, odorless vapor that coats your skates or other possessions in an  anti-rust shield. This thinly coats your skates in rust-resistant molecules, and once it sets in, it eliminates all chemical reactions related to rust and corrosion. Furthermore, for any electrical possessions, Zerust does not interfere with any of mechanical or electrical functionality. Zerust protects without being invasive.
Safety is also an important aspect of all Zerust products. The residue produced by Zerust does not damage your belongings and it is environmentally friendly. The FDA has even authorized Zerust for use with kitchen utensils.

Helpful Tips for Max Protection

Zerust’s Skate Covers are designed to prevent moisture from reaching your ice skate blades and will help your blades stay sharp for up to five years. By utilizing Zerust’s rust-prevention technology, these skate covers prevent both rusting and dulling. Furthermore, they can fit most types of skates whether they are for hockey or figure skating.
Just taking good care of your skates can increase their longevity; however, Zerust can help extend their longevity even further with a few simple steps:

  • Wear skate guard covers when walking on any hard surfaces other than ice. This avoids unnecessary dulling of the blades. This is an important tip as any minor dents and scratches can leave the blades vulnerable to corrosion damage.

  • Dry off blades thoroughly after skating and before inserting them into the covers. The excess moisture can cause rusting.

  • Apply the skate covers before putting them in a bag. This protects your ice skates and any of the other items in your bag.

If you want to rid yourself of rust and protect your belongings, consider using Zerust’s skate covers and other products. Zerust can help keep your possessions in pristine condition.

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