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We are always on the lookout for Graphic Design, Marketing, and Communications Interns. ADVAN Digital Marketing is currently looking for talented young professionals across the nation for our internship programs.

You’re about to graduate from college and are seeking an entry-level position to kick off your career. However, you find that most entry-level jobs are asking for anywhere from one to FIVE years of experience.  We understand the struggles of gaining experience but not having enough experience to get the role that will give you the experience you need. Make sense? Yeah, it doesn’t make much sense to us either. It’s an awful Catch-22 that can seem like a never-ending impasse. ADVAN wants to help.

Submit your resume and portfolio to for your shot at a paid internship in marketing, communications, or graphic and website design.

Encouraging Knowledge and Growth

ADVAN helps ambitious companies grow faster with websites, unique content, SEO, social media, and sales. Likewise, we help ambitious students and fresh graduates grow their careers through experience and knowledge.

We enhance personal and professional growth through a creative teaching environment. Our team is full of supportive and motiving high achievers.  Being an intern at ADVAN means facing challenging work for real clients, intensive training, and mentoring. The best part? Successful candidates have the potential opportunity to move into a permanent role by joining our team.

Embracing Flexibility and New Trends

ADVAN is a team of diverse, well-rounded individuals.  Interns at our fast-growing digital marketing agency, gain hands-on experience with the flexibility of working remotely.  For those that choose to work remotely, we encourage dedicating a space as an in-home office. In turn, eliminating distractions and providing a healthy work-life balance.

Anyone inhabiting the internet knows that you don’t need proximity to build a community. People are what makes the team, not a building or a room.  ADVAN has clients and employees across the US and beyond.  With today’s technology, bridging the physical gap is simple.  We utilize video chat, screen shares, and constant communication with platforms such as Zoom.

Fueling Passion and Creativity

ADVAN’s freelancers and employees show up every day because of passion for their work and the capacity to immerse themselves in creativity.  Our team works both from home and in the office, depending on what’s best for their work style. Regardless of where we are, we dedicate time to helping each other find and strengthen their greatest skills. We want to be the stepping stone that helps guide you find what you’re good at and jumpstarts your career.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our paid internships. Please submit your resume and portfolio to

Intern Testimonies

“I spent 6 months applying for jobs day in and day out. Repeatedly, I found myself applying for the same place more than once. However, I was continuously told I didn’t have the experience needed. I kept wondering how I would gain experience if no one was willing to give me a chance.

I’m so thankful the ADVAN team saw and understood this. I’ve learned more with ADVAN than I believe I would have in any other intern position in my field. ADVAN gave me the skills and knowledge needed to advance quickly in my career.” – Racquel, Internet Marketer

Become part of our team and
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ADVAN is the perfect environment for honing your skills as a professional. We offer graphic design internships and marketing internships that will help you learn everything you need to begin your new career.

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