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Embrace Flexibility and Work From Home Remotely

ADVAN is proud to offer work from home positions within our company. We are a diverse team of employees, freelancers, independent contractors, and interns who can work from home across the nation. Remote work allows employees to do more of what they love by creating a close tie between their professional and non-professional lives. As a result, enabling higher satisfaction with both halves.

We encourage all our remote team members to dedicate a space for your in-home office. As a result, you are eliminating distractions and for a healthy work-life balance. As anyone inhabiting the internet will know, you don’t need proximity to build a sense of community. People are what make the team, not a building or a room. ADVAN has clients and employees across the US and beyond. We bridge these physical gaps with video conferencing on Zoom.

Our team keeps in touch daily in several ways:

Google Hangouts and Zoom. We communicate outside of email using Google Hangouts and Zoom. Zoom calls can be used for training, reviewing a project, client meetings, and more. Google Hangouts is a common area. These are what we consider our “water-cooler chats” where we can talk about anything and everything.

Huddle. Every morning we have a meeting to discuss the day ahead via Zoom. We discuss work priorities and update each other on the progress of projects. These meetings are how we get ready for our day; we’re on our marks and ready to go.

Team Lunch. We like to celebrate outstanding team accomplishments over a delicious meal, whether it’s ordering delivery or meeting at a restaurant. Chatting over lunch is excellent for getting to know each other and lifting each other up over our accomplishments.

Asana Project Management. We always know who has done what and when. Asana allows us complete transparency with clients and each other by outlining the completion of daily tasks.

Who Can Benefit from Working Remotely:

Full-Time Students. Working through college is a good way to offset the high costs of education. The ADVAN team understands that it can be tough to find a flexible job with classes and extracurriculars. Our internship programs help students gain hands-on experience in the marketing and design field with the flexibility of working remotely.

Stay at home Moms becoming work at home Moms. As a team full of mothers, we understand the high demands motherhood brings to the table and caring for your family. Benefits include saving on childcare, gaining financial independence, and fulfilling the need for personal growth. ADVAN supports stay at home moms with our remote flexibility and encourages moms to chase their career ambitions.

Out of State Freelancers. Being a virtual company means we get to pick from the very best, regardless of where you are. ADVAN frequently works with freelance graphic designers, copywriters, and web developers. ADVAN’s remote jobs give freelancers legitimate work from home opportunities for expanding their skills and knowledge.

Fueling Passion and Creativity

ADVAN’s freelancers and employees aren’t driven by money. Instead, we’re fueled by passion and being immersed in creativity. Working from home or in the office, our team is dedicated to helping each other find and strengthen top skills. We want to be that stepping stone that helps guide you into your passion and jumpstarting your career. ADVAN is the perfect environment for honing your skills as a professional.  Join the ADVAN team of talented web designers near me.

Become part of our team and
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ADVAN is the perfect environment for honing your skills as a professional. We offer graphic design work from home positions and remote marketing positions that will help you learn everything you need to expand your career.

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