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Over 30 Years of Experience B2B Marketing for the Plastics Industry

Small and medium-sized plastic and plastic products retail businesses can compete and even outperform larger competitors. All it takes is the right marketing strategy for the plastic industry and manufacturing.

If you are selling direct to consumers then an SEO optimized e-commerce store, Amazon store, Google shopping, and Ebay, are the most successful channels to grow your revenue.

B2B SEO Provides the Highest ROI and Best Lead Generation

If you sell plastic parts as components of other products or equipment, then a process-focused manufacturing SEO campaign will yield the best results.  We are able to get you to #1 on Google for search phrases like plastic fabricators, injection molders, rotational molders, and blow molders.  If you supply plastic process equipment, the first step is to identify the key phrases people are searching for then perform SEO to show up for those searches.

effective marketing strategy for plastic industry near me

Plastic manufacturers and plastic products retail businesses are achieving impressive success rates with online marketing strategies. Online marketing strategy for the plastic industry has the advantage of delivering cost-effective messaging to a highly segmented customer base.

ADVAN has been a leader with a successful digital marketing strategy for the plastic industry and plastics manufacturers in Cleveland, OH for many years. Our manufacturing marketing experts combine extensive knowledge of manufacturing and the unique needs of this region to deliver effective digital campaigns. We offer powerful marketing partnerships to the plastic molding industry in Cleveland, providing expertise that enhances your brand and drives business growth.  One our favorite clients is a freelancer who contracts to design molded plastics.  Another, is a plastic fabrication company.  The team at ADVAN would love to help you execute your  plastic industry marketing strategy.

What Makes A Winning Marketing Strategy For Your Plastics Industry

Plastic product retailers often employ digital marketing tactics without an overarching plan, failing to position their exceptional services amid relentless competition. With an ever-increasing number of customers turning to search engines to find the finest firms, crafting a coherent, holistic digital marketing campaign is indispensable for your business to thrive. Thankfully, there are a plethora of online marketing tools available to help you devise a winning strategy for your plastics business. Here we list some of the most vital.

Define Your Buyer Persona

In the field of marketing, everyone is competing for the same prize: that precious space in a customer’s mind. To hit the spot, it’s critical to define your buyer persona- -that is, an archetypal representation of your target audience based on research into their demographics, motivations, and purchasing habits.

Buyer personas in marketing are nothing new. They have been around since 1994 as a key tool for marketers to get to know their target audiences and ensure experiences that speak to their interests, stir powerful emotions, and improve lives.

The search engine revolution pioneered by Google has forever altered the way we digest and share information, providing businesses with ever-evolving tools for diving deep into their customers’ innermost needs. Keyword analysis- the building block of an SEO strategy in 2022- is one such potent tool. By analyzing key search terms in your target demographic, you can get straight to the heart of your target audience’s passions.

After you’ve built up a detailed picture of your buyer persona, it’s time to envisage your business as a living, breathing entity: what kind of a friend would it be? Maybe a cheerful confidant you can always count on, or a know-it-all neighbor who’s always ready to lend a hand?

Nail Your Brand Message

In order to prosper, businesses today need to shift their focus from direct messaging to storytelling. Brands, like tales, may either inspire with clarity and compel action or appear pretentious, boring, and confused. The most moving stories spread like wildfire, while trite ones vanish without a trace.

To check off all the brand-building boxes in 2022, you’ll have to adopt a holistic approach to SEO by building a stellar web design, crafting insightful content, and integrating your narrative across all relevant communication channels. Let’s take a quick look at each of these essential factors: 

  • Top-notch web design: Making your service visible through one-of-a-kind web design is crucial for reaching a never-ending stream of customers. Instead of hiring a freelance web designer who merely has a surface-level understanding of your goals, opt for all-rounder professionals who can come up with a user-friendly web design that integrates seamlessly with your overall SEO strategy.
  • Inspiring content: Coming up with content that resonates with your audience on an emotional level is vital for your success. The story you tell about your plastic products or services should be informative and straightforward, but you can surely improve its effect by appealing to multiple senses. All minds are sensitive to the potent power of words.
  • Putting your story together: Be present- always. In the face of ever-evolving trends and fierce competition for content space, you should engage with your target audience on diverse social media platforms to form lasting, heart-to-heart relationships and earn trust. Inform, support and connect on a constant basis without being overly self-promotional.

Even the most creative and well-executed advertising campaigns can’t boost a brand’s worth without a comprehensive, inspiring value proposition at the heart of a business. It’s great to have a fascinating story, but it’s even more vital to condense it into a valuable selling point that shines through all the miscellaneous social networks people use today.

Get SWOT Analysis Right

SWOT is a valuable memory aid to help you think about an overarching marketing strategy for your plastics business. The acronym refers to a framework that examines a company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Adopting the strategy on a regular basis can help you make the most of ever-emerging opportunities, eliminate shortcomings, and shield your business from potential harm.

SWOT analysis can prove extremely handy when deciding whether or not to introduce a new service or alter your current methods. For instance, if you find dissatisfaction with plastic waste rampant in your target audience, a robust SWOT analysis may inform your decision to focus on enhancing your plastic strategy, advocating for renewable resources that must be managed with care and expertise. By helping you seize the right opportunities at the right time, SWOT can become your trusted comrade in positioning your brand as restorative and rejuvenating by design.

Sell Without Selling

Inauthenticity and manipulation are the fastest ways to kill your plastics business in 2022. Sales-y language and vulgarity are nothing new in marketing, yet customers are becoming warier of being sold to. Many firms’ efforts to keep the old boat floating are failing, leaving them in a glassy-eyed denial. The most successful brands are striving to become more like the celebrant — as opposed to the star — of their customer community, engaging people in a collaborative effort to realize the brand’s vision.

No amount of strategic repositioning or marketing window dressing can make up for the lack of genuine congruence between a brand’s goals, aims, and values. A company’s long-term success has less to do with hard selling and more with finding its place amid our interconnected society, where authenticity is reviving as the new trend.

Learn From Your Rivals

Your competitors do not stand in the way of your advancement; on the contrary, they provide a perfect arena for you to learn from their mistakes and take inspiration from their great work. It is imperative to adopt a healthy competition dynamic, absorb the best practices, and constantly research the market to see what others don’t. The more skilled hunters out there, the more and larger the bags. Yet the game is plentiful, so you should entrust your marketing to real experts who know their stuff. Best of luck!

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