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What is Digital Marketing? | Revamping a Traditional Set of Tactics

In the race for visibility, for brand awareness, and for sales, an outdated marketing strategy will leave you and your pit crew several laps down.  Investing in digital marketing can put you in the driver’s seat. Digital marketing can allow you and your colleagues to both reach the right people quickly and make the necessary changes to a campaign as aspects such as sales, demographics, or even the seasons change.  As the internet continues to evolve, business growth will be impossible without accurate targeting and campaign flexibility.  So fuel up and stay in the know about the most current strategies. Power forward and implement the ones most cost-effective for your brand and your team.  Overall, it’s worth the investment to foster more meaningful connections with your customers.  Hire the best marketing agency near me to get the job done quickly.

Digital marketing refers to a set of marketing tactics that businesses and individuals execute across a digital channel, such as the internet or an electronic device.  Though your brand needs consistent engagement, people don’t want a relationship with your brand. However, they do want information. Internet users both skip ads on YouTube and close out of pop up advertisements like they are swatting at flies.  Digital marketing is all about both having the answers and proving it. To list, some examples of digital marketing strategies include

  • Email Marketing Campaigns
    • Newsletters
    • Follow-Ups
    • Welcome Messages
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • On-site
    • Off-site
    • Technical
  • Digital Content Marketing
    • Blog Writing
    • Educational Long-Form Content
    • Visual
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) 
    • Paid Advertisements
    • Sponsored Messages
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) 
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) Campaigns
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Snapchat
    • TikTok
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
  • Guest Blogging
  • Ecommerce Optimization

A Sweet Success Story | What is Digital Marketing?

Dunkin’ Donuts used more than caffeine to keep their Boston area customers coming back for their coffee fixes!  In 2018, the chain promoted a text message promotion on the radio and mobile internet advertisements.  Dunkin’ Donuts attributed a 21% increase in Boston area store traffic to this digital marketing campaign.  When businesses not only connect with consumers, but also compel consumers to spread a message, the communication leads to significant growth.  A fresh digital marketing strategy can keep consumers checking in for updates and consistently engaging with the brand.  

What’s in it for Me? | What is Digital Marketing?

Without a doubt, digital marketing is a major investment.  You may be wondering how it could benefit your brand or if revamping your marketing strategy is even worth it.  Implementing the most current digital marketing methods allows for a more multifaceted approach to your marketing.  Entering the endless channels on the internet alone can allow your team to connect with new demographics and new markets.  This can bring about shifts in business that traditional marketing alone cannot. Content marketing, for example, can give your brand a new level of credibility as you provide educational and informative content and establish your team members as experts and your company as the first choice.

Designing and Optimizing for User Experience | What is Digital Marketing?     

Often, successful digital marketing is all about providing instant gratification.  It’s all about user experience (UX). UX refers to the combination of the ease of use of a website and the aesthetics of that website.  You might agree from being an internet user yourself, internet users tend to abandon websites that don’t load quickly or are not compatible across digital devices.  For this reason, UX is an essential consideration in planning a truly impactful digital marketing campaign.  In addition to cutting down on waiting time, it is also critical to ensure sites are accessible to internet users with disabilities.  For example, American brands doing government-related work need to consider a site’s compliance with section 508 of the Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The legislation mandates that all federal government-affiliated digital technology should be accessible to those with disabilities.    

Effective user experience requires the different perspectives of SEO professionals, web designers, and other marketing experts to create content that truly makes impacts for different types of internet users.  

Seeing the Future | What is Digital Marketing?

Interestingly, the answer to the question “What is digital marketing?” is constantly changing.  Tech giants reinvent mobile devices.  Search engines change their algorithms.  As the media landscape shifts, marketers must adapt to both foster engagement and cement brand awareness.  2019 is quickly drawing to a close, so time is ticking when it comes to developing a digital marketing plan for 2020.  In all, when it comes to staying relevant, a digital marketing strategy must involve a plan to keep up with trends.  

Digital marketing experts predict some of 2020’s most significant industry trends will include both artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots, for example.  AI provides customer care while collecting critical data to influence and improve future interactions with clients. Chatbots allow for quick answers to customers’ questions.  Any evolution in digital marketing involves enriching the connection to consumers.      

Digital marketing researchers are noticing internet users abandoning certain channels such as email and social media platforms, for example, as marketing messages become overwhelming.  Chatbots can reach users when they choose to visit a company site and provide information as needed.  With chatbots, media consumers don’t have to comb through lengthy content to find what they need, but get it on demand.  

AI is revolutionizing the digital marketing industry through both customer support and customer relationship management (CRM).  AI can harvest consumer data on an ongoing basis to target ads and improve future interactions. It can be one of the most useful tools for predicting customer behavior.  In addition, AI can be one of the most effective supplements to chatbots to provide quick answers. 

Moving Forward With New Strategies | What is Digital Marketing?

It may seem intimidating to consider a complete transformation of your brand’s marketing strategy.  However, with so many knowledgeable firms and agencies, and with so many free online educational tools, there is no doubt that you can both connect with the right experts to reflect your vision, and take charge for your own initiative.  As we head into 2020, it has never been easier to take advantage of the technologies and the strategies of the future.  It’s worth the investment to bring both your marketing strategy and your brand forward.


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