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Top 4 Strategic SEO Pricing Packages | Starting Conversations That can be Easily Converted.

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the term “SEO” thrown around. But really, what is search engine optimization? Better yet, how does search engine optimization help your business?

Say Goodbye to Awkward Introductions | SEO Services that Work

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, drives potential customers to your website. Contrary to popular belief, just because a site looks good, doesn’t mean it holds any value.

A website can include gorgeous headers, flawless imagery, and well-placed calls to action. However, if the content on the site isn’t optimized, no one will ever be able to find your site without a direct link.

Strategic SEO services do the talking for you. We use user-friendly keyphrases that are basically buzz words for potential customers. We use this to help reel in more potential clients and outshine your industries competitors. A pretty face is nice, but SEO proves that your business has depth, volume, and is well worth their time… and money.

What Is It That We Actually Do?

Imagine submitting a resume that just says the same thing over and over and over again. Rightfully so, you don’t get a call. The position is still open a month later so you submit the same exact same resume. Do you think the interviewer is going to give you the time of day? No, not a chance. Not only are you failing to expand on your knowledge and diversify yourself, but you’re failing to evolve. Humans and businesses are meant to evolve.

Search engines, such as Google, are the interviewer. Google skims pages for high-quality, keyword-rich content that is continuously updated. As a reward, they push those websites to the top of search engines. This is where ADVAN comes in with SEO services to elevate your content.

After learning your company goals and positioning, we start our SEO process with in-depth keyword research. We stalk your competitors to discover what they’re doing that’s working. Then, we do it better.

With the SEO services we offer, our team of marketers and copywriters collaborate to deliver fresh homepage content and engaging new pages every week. We use the full-circle effect to promote these pages with high-authority backlinks (“Google’s Good Friends”), blog posts, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and social media.

Like most things that require effort, the more you put into your SEO services the more you’ll get out. The higher the SEO pricing budget, the more pages we can produce, the more key phrases you’ll rank for, and the more calls you’ll receive. We’ve found that to move the needle, at least two new pages need to be created and promoted every week. Therefore our SEO Packages start at $1200.

SEO Packages and Pricing Tiers:

  • Premium Package-$1,200/month
  • Deluxe Package-$2,400/month
  • Executive Package-3,600/month
  • VIP Package-$6,400/month

ADVAN differentiates itself from the competition by working on a month-to-month budget. SEO services and pricing should not be stressful and we will help cultivate a plan for you. At ADVAN, our clients continue to work with us because they want to, not because they have to.

What Effects SEO Pricing?

There are many variables that go into how much SEO services actually cost. Some things to consider include:


The aptitude of your website plays a large factor in how effective SEO will be to help grow your traffic. For example, if you have a website that is older and not up to date, our SEO services might not be as easy to update. 

In order to have the best SEO outcome, websites that are built by a marketing company tend to have better results, because they are built with the expectations of Google in mind and the algorithms that search engines look for. 


In order for SEO to be successful, it is important to analyze what your competitors are doing to be successful and how you can adapt and outperform them. Having a company that understands your industry and willing to create something fit for you will help you grow faster than any cookie cutter outline!


SEO can have quick results, however, it is important to go into search optimization knowing that if you only allow for a certain budget of hours your results might not happen right away.

A good SEO company will give you honest package options of how much time they think you should spend focusing on SEO and what other things they can do to help elevate your website.

Not Understanding SEO? That’s Okay, You Don’t Have To.

We could walk you through the entire process we use and explain to you step by step why we’re the best SEO company. You might want to grab a cup of coffee though, the technicalities can be snooze-worthy. If you want the complete tour later, we’d be happy to talk you through it. 

For now, what you need to understand is that the more searches you’re ranking for, the more calls you’re going to get, and the more sales you’re going to make. While it may seem like magic, we pull this off by targeting keyphrases relative to your business with high volume (more customers) and low competition (quicker payoff). And, voilà! 

Start a conversation with us so we can convert conversations for you.

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