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Affordable SEO Services Ohio

Why choose ADVAN for SEO services in Akron, Ohio? It’s simple; when you get to the top of Google under key phrases that your customers are searching you fuel the future growth of your business.
For the majority of our customers, the internet is their primary source of new business. We have companies who’ve been working with us since 2001 and still hold Google first page positions today.

  • Google “stainless steel wire” or “lockwire” – has been a client since 2001
  • Google “plastic stamping” –, a client since 2001
  • Google “ohio machine shop” – Ansco and Summit have been clients for many years
  • Google “top Akron law firms” – Davis, Eoff and Elliot were a new client last year
  • Google “family law attorney medina” – is a new client this year
  • Google “rubber molder” – has been a client since 2003

We help companies in the Akron, Cleveland and Canton area get more traffic from their websites. We also help improve our client’s websites with marketing recommendations to increase the number inquiries they receive from their visitors. For some, we even do a complete redesign if their current website coding is not optimal for Google.

ADVAN’s Monthly SEO Services Packages

SEO services start at $950 a month. The $950 per month SEO package includes the creation of two new pages per month on your site. We write two pages filled with the type of fresh content that Google wants to see. We develop a strategy to focus on SEO keyphrases that will gradually build the right traffic to your site and we also build incoming links on those phrases.
The $600 per month package is designed for impatient clients who want to see quicker results from their SEO service. With this package, we add 5 new pages of content with unique keyphrases to your site each month.

How to Compare SEO Services

When evaluating SEO services from companies in the Akron, Cleveland, Canton area ask to see their results – are they consistently getting their clients qualified traffic? Unfortunately, this industry is filled with many scams and disreputable SEO companies. You may have noticed the increase in automated telemarketing services asking you to “claim your Google position”. Many of our clients have tried these services and seen zero results. We even had a client, who prior to coming to us, paid $5,000 per month for SEO services without any increase in traffic.

ADVAN’s Measurable Results

At ADVAN, we take great pride in offering an affordable SEO service Akron Ohio from which our clients can see the results. Upfront, we’ll discuss the best strategy and achievable keyphrase focus based on the competitiveness of your target category. Based on our 20+ years of getting companies to the top of Google, we can tell you what’s realistic and achievable. Each month, our clients know their keyword focus and can search and see their company move to the top. Just contact our staff to find out more about ADVAN’s SEO services today. We’ll put together a unique SEO strategy specific to your site and the customers you want to reach – call (330) 688-1324 or click here to complete our form.

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SEO Services Akron Ohio
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