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What Is an SEO Strategist?

An SEO strategist is an expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices that improve your website and its structure. An SEO strategist will also work towards determining high-ranking specific keywords that are relevant to your business or organization. Higher rankings for relevant keywords mean increased traffic, and increased traffic will lead to more sales of your products or services.

What Can an SEO Strategist Do For Me?

There are various capabilities SEO strategists can perform. Here are some specific services offered by SEO strategists:

Keyword Research

Understanding what keywords to target may seem simple at first, such as choosing the biggest one, but that isn’t always the best choice. Finding relevant keywords is the most important aspect. Different keywords have different user intent and different meanings, so what you are selling may be different from how that keyword is typically intended. Viewing the competition in different keywords will also alter your strategy. If you are in the third position on Google for a specific keyword, but the two spots ahead of you are Amazon, there isn’t a point in sacrificing money to gain a position that you will most likely not acquire.

Analytics Understanding

An SEO strategist is also an expert in monitoring analytics. Understanding traffic behaviors and user tendencies gives SEO strategists an opportunity to improve efficiency by finding specific areas in a client’s experience that can be improved for increased traffic and conversions. Following the user’s journey throughout your site shows any pages that have user drop-off. This can indicate that content on the page should be altered or that even the structure of your site isn’t as sound as it could be.

Strategy Development and Execution

Every situation is unique, and having the flexibility to adapt to your business with different processes is crucial. The more experience your SEO strategist has, the more responses they have available to combat any issues that arise. The more strategies an SEO strategist has in their repertoire, the more possibilities you will have. Improved flexibility will be beneficial in the long haul for your business.

Understanding the Everchanging SEO Environment

Google is constantly changing and everyone in the SEO industry is looking for new strategic processes. It is very important that whichever SEO strategist you choose to work with has an innovative mindset to continuously improve.

Expertise in WordPress Or Other Platforms

Knowing the ins and outs of the platform that your website is on is crucial. Each website platform has different benefits and flaws. Understanding the common issues and the quick fixes will save you time and money. The knowledge of these platforms also makes the implementation of these strategies easier.

Find an SEO Strategist Near Me

Now it is time to find the right SEO strategist for your business or organization. You should begin your search with a plan. What is the range that you are willing to spend? What do you want to get out of it? Are you willing to embark on the process of SEO? SEO takes time, it isn’t one month of work that will last you a lifetime. You can build a foundation in that month, but you will need upkeep to your website.

ADVAN SEO Strategists

advan logo Akron seo strategistADVAN has advanced SEO strategists that have 20+ combined years of experience and enthusiasm to find the best ways to improve your website and improve your positions in Google. For a free consultation about how we can help you, whether it is SEO, design, social media, or more, reach out to us with our form or by calling us at (330) 688-1324.

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