Styrenated Phenol

Styrenated phenol CAS# 61788-44-1

Western Reserve Chemical, a premiere supplier of styrenated phenol applications  both distyrenated and tristyrenated phenol, leads the market in manufacturing and distributing this plastic/rubber antioxidant. It is FDA approved for rubber product used in contact with food.  Westco styrenated phenol is mostly used in elastomers and SBR Western Reserve Chemical, or wrchem, as we refer to them is an old client for whom we just launched a new, mobile friendly website.  It’s a WordPress site that allows wrchem’s staff to easily update their products.  We are currently performing SEO/SEM and this blog article is designed to promote their styrenated phenol. Wrchem is one of our favorite clients and we’ve been working with them for many, many years.  They offer a broad range of chemicals and additives for rubber and plastics. Styrenated Phenol (SP) is a clear, yellow, non-staining and non-discoloring anti-oxidant for dry rubber and latex compounds.  It is a viscous liquid and is supplied in 3 grades Mono, Di or Tri styrenated phenol, although wrchem only offers Di and Tri.  Styrenated phenol applications include:
  • rubber sheets
  • rubber tubing
  • rubber straps
  • latex products such as rubber gloves
  • conveyor belt covers
  • industrial gloves
  • surgical gloves
  • latex balloons

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