Quality 316 Stainless Steel Wire Since 1947

316 Stainless Steel Wire

The 21st century can be characterized by all of the start-up businesses that have evolved. No matter what industry you are looking at, older companies are becoming increasingly more difficult to find. In some industries it might even be considered a disadvantage to be a “dinosaur.” The assumption may be that you are old-fashioned or don’t understand how business has changed over the years. In other industries, however, experience is a significant benefit, and the steel industry is one of those cases.

316 stainless steel wire spoolsBrookfield Wire, located in West Brookfield, Massachusetts, is an example of a company in the steel industry whose experience continues to assist them in exceeding their customers’ expectations. Brookfield started supplying 316 stainless steel wire in 1947. In fact, the year Brookfield went into business this video was used to help kids who were learning about steel processing in some English schools. A lot in the world has changed since then. The first rocket launch did not happen until 1958. The heyday of airplane travel would not really hit until the 1950s. Brookfield has expanded its capabilities as the decades have progressed, but the quality and reliability has remained the same.

Your Source for Bulk Stainless Steel Wire

When selecting a supplier for your wire or cable needs, there are several things you need to consider.

Does the company manufacture wire from the metal alloys you need?

Knowing a supplier makes available wire and cable in the material you need for your application is an important first step to cross off the list. A company may supply steel wire but perhaps not the entire 30 Series of stainless steel. For some applications you may need Monel or Inconel wire or cable, so it is important to make sure the supplier offers more than just steel wire.

Does the company have the capabilities you need?

Having the alloys available is one thing, but being able to produce the exact kind of wire or cable needed is another. The supplier you select will need to be able to draw the wire to the exact gauge, temper, and finish specifications you need. If you are intending to rely on the same supplier for multiple wire and cable needs, it is important to review their capabilities product by product. Can they provide lock wire at .020” to .063”? Can they draw wire to specific diameters? These are all important considerations to make on the front end. Wire forming, wire drawing, and more should all be on the list of topics to discuss with a potential 316 stainless steel cable supplier.


brookfield wire 316 stainless steel wirePackaging might not be top of mind when thinking about ordering bulk stainless steel wire or cable, but it is helpful to know how a supplier will deliver finished products to your business. Brookfield Wire makes available canisters, coils, reels, Acro Pacs, and more. The more flexibility a supplier offers at every level of the relationship, the more reliable they are likely to prove over time.

There are certainly industries where being in business since 1947 would not be advantageous, but in the case of Brookfield Wire, it has given the company time to expand its expertise, its experience, and its capabilities. All of that translates to customer service that exceeds expectations.

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