5 Issues You’ll Avoid With Basement Epoxy Flooring

Basement Epoxy Flooring

Basement epoxy flooring comes from a mixture of a resin and hardener. The epoxy is set over the existing flooring like concrete, wood, and tile. The epoxy creates a bond with the existing floor and forms a hard plastic coating. The bonding process between the epoxy and existing floor is quick, so your basement will not be out of commission very long.

The durability of epoxy flooring makes it a very popular option, especially for commercial, industrial, and medical facilities. With a smooth and shiny finish, along with a variety of colors, you get the best all around floor with an epoxy floor coating. Epoxy flooring is also moisture and heat resistant, on top of being non-permeable, so long term damage is minimized and cleaning is easier. A good basement epoxy floor coating near me will require no annual maintenance or re-sealing.

5 Issues Basement Epoxy Flooring Saves You From

Epoxy basement flooring will help you avoid some common issues that occur with your basement flooring. This is what you will avoid by getting an epoxy basement floor.


Because of the non-porous surface, the surface cannot be penetrated, and this is important in the scenario of a flood occurring. If your basement floods, you will have an easier time cleaning up the mess and less residual damage because the basement floor is durable.


An epoxy floor coating protects the floor beneath the coating from moisture. A common issue for basement flooring is excessive moisture which leads to mold, mildew, and in the worst case, flooding. Epoxy does not warp from moisture either, so you can have a sealed and secure basement floor.


Over time your basement floor will face deterioration, whether it is from moisture, chemicals, or normal wear and tear from inevitable accidents. Once you get a crack, it becomes easy for that crack to expand and lead to moisture issues. In the best case scenario, cracks make your basement look worn down or just aesthetically unappealing.

Bad Aesthetic

We all can picture the dingy basement that nobody wants to go into. An epoxy floor coating is an affordable and quick way to revamp the aesthetics of your basement. With a variety of sleek designs, you can have a modern looking basement floor with improved strength.


Beyond the aesthetic of how a stain covered basement floor looks, an epoxy coating is resistant against damaging fluids both aesthetically and structurally. If you have a spill on a basement epoxy floor, the cleanup is quick and a potent smell can be removed easily.

How To Get a Basement Epoxy Floor Coating

There are a few steps to get you the epoxy basement floor that you desire. First, find the approximate measurement of your basement floor in square feet. Next, make sure your basement size meets the minimum size for service, because different companies have different requirements. Now you can go through the different coating designs to get the look that best suits you. An in person inspection of your basement floor and the financial aspect of this process are your last steps.

Now you can get to improving your basement floor! Pursue a brand new epoxy floor coating near me for your project!

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