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There’s no way around it, you need to invest in a new website and digital marketing for your business. No matter what the state of the world, people can easily support businesses that are easily accessible online. All they have to do is search for a business like yours and they can make a purchase, or book an appointment without having to dig. But do you really need both a fully functional website and an SEO management package? The answer might surprise you.

When working with a web design and digital marketing agency, it’s not enough to just build a website and let it go live. It’s also not enough to just start implementing SEO on a website that’s never been designed for SEO. The visual aspects of an optimized website work together with content and digital development to create an online experience that easily matches your customer’s search intent, and leads them right to you. Read on to learn more considerations for why web design and SEO are the perfect team.

Design your Website for SEO right from the start

As an agency offering digital marketing and web design near me, we see it all too often. A talented business makes a website once and then never looks at it again. Then they come to us because they’ve heard of the benefits of SEO for their website, but we can’t implement our proven SEO strategies because their website is too far gone.

It’s always easier to design the perfect website for SEO from scratch that dive into something broken and fix it. Search engines have a very specific design and content structure that they look for in websites that rank in the top positions on google, and it can be very difficult to make these changes on a site that’s been set up in an unhealthy way. Trust an experienced digital marketing and design team to bring your website up to speed with the latest trends and technical SEO standards in order to rank on google and generate leads.

A New Website That’s Ready for Anything

We’ve come a long way since the beginning of the web design revolution. Not only have we found ways to make our websites interactive, we’ve taken a human approach and learned how to best design web pages that help people. The industry is always becoming better and more useful, and unfortunately the security of older web sites can’t necessarily keep up in this modern age.

Redesigning your business website is not just about building something cool for your customers to look at, it’s about being able to function correctly on all browsers, and being able to provide security to avoid potential hackers or phishing scams, especially if it doubles as an eCommerce platform. Keep your brand strong and your website safe with a regular check up and redesigns that work better for your website’s SEO.

A Diverse Team of Web Designers and Digital Marketers

A lot of companies ready to expand take into consideration the option to hire an in-house web designer or SEO specialist to manage their website, without realizing how much time it takes to really get results. since 2017, the average salary for an SEO specialist has gone up to over 81,000 a year, and these talented digital marketing specialists work on average 44 hours a week. An SEO specialist or web designer needs to be 100% up to date with all the tips and tools in the industry, fully knowing that as soon as they get comfortable, the rules will change. That’s a lot of weight on a company and an employee’s shoulders.

When you go through an agency to implement digital marketing and web design near me, you have an entire team with specialists to run the show for you. No need to hire a unicorn that can design, develop, write engaging copy, research your market, implement SEO, and run PPC ads. When you go through an agency, one price gets you the work of the most talented designers, writers, and SEO specialists in the industry, devoting 100% of their talent to your project.

Why ADVAN? Top Digital Marketing and Web Design Near Me

We are an digital marketing and design company in akron serving small to mid-size businesses that are looking to grow and master their online marketing. We’ve been successful in upholding our mission to serve as a major source of new business growth for our clients. By gaining an in-depth understanding of our client’s vision, market, competition and branding, we create digital marketing strategies, and the most beautifully designed web pages that help them achieve their growth objectives. We provide a beneficial ongoing partnership with a single focus on becoming a major part of our client’s success.

You can count on our 20 years of industry experience to get your company the best SEO, the best design, and the best group of professionals to lead your marketing strategy and get real results. Don’t get left behind in the age of digital marketing and design, get a free page analysis from ADVAN to see how we can help.

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