Upgrade Your Garage Drain Grate and Your Garage Will Thank You

The 4 Most Common Types of Floor Drain Covers to Enhance Your Garage Floor

If you have ever considered updating your garage, consider your garage drain grate too. If your garage drain does not have a cover or has an old and rusty cover, it’s time to find something new. It’s important to have a durable and reliable garage drain grate to keep debris out of your garage drain as well as prevent anyone from tripping over the drain hole.

A customized garage drain grate will enhance the overall appearance of your garage, while also keeping your drain unclogged. Leaves, dirt, and other environmental debris can pile up in your garage drain without a proper cover. Once a drain is clogged, you have to invest more time and money to have it fixed. With a simple garage drain cover, you can avoid the headache of more problems associated with the clogged drain.

If you’re ready to replace your garage drain cover, there are four different styles from you to choose from. Measure the size of your garage drain and how it was built to learn more about what garage drain grate is right for you.

#1 PVC Drain Cover

A PVC drain cover will fit most standard PVC garage drains. The circular design of the cover ensures easy installation over your garage drain for safety and longevity. It’s important to find a garage drain grate that comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure its durability. Carbon coated steel garage drain covers are ideal for a long-term solution.

#2 Vitrified Clay Bell Cover

Vitrified clay bell covers are ideal for sewer pipes of various sizes. This garage drain grate has a bell end that easily fits inside of a ceramic clay sewer pipe for a secure fit. The bell end has six supporting legs that help secure the bell cover. This cover specifically features a .5 inch gap around the entire perimeter of the cover to permit water flow. The water gap is especially important for use in sewer drain pipes. 

#3 Flush Slide Lock Drain Cover

If you have an older garage drain that may be damaged or it’s an odd size, a flush slide lock floor drain cover is your best solution. This garage drain cover comes with an adjustable sliding screw and expanding nuts that can be adjusted to fit varying drain sizes. This garage drain grate is ⅛ inch thick and installation is a breeze.

#4 Square Drain Cover

Square drain covers are made for a Tuf-Tite drain box or other similar style boxes. While square drains may not be common, they still need a garage drain grate to keep out debris. If you’ve never been able to cover your square drain before, look no further!

Buy Your Garage Drain Grate Today

image of a square garage drain grate It’s never too late to upgrade your garage floor drain cover, and your garage will thank you! Prevent rusty and broken drain covers from becoming a tripping hazard in your garage. No matter what season it is, keep all types of environmental debris out of your garage drain to prevent clogging. Installation is easy, and carbon coated garage drain covers ensure their durability in every climate. Contact a garage drain manufacturer today to upgrade your garage.

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