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Make Your Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software Work For You

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Fire extinguisher inspection isn’t a task most businesses and campuses think about often, even though it’s essential to student safety. Regular inspections mean that you can be fully assured your safety equipment will work in case of emergency.
Traditionally, fire extinguisher inspection was performed manually. Technicians would inspect the piece of equipment by hand, write down any issues, record the status of the equipment, and place it back. All of this information was then stored in file cabinets, on handwritten spreadsheets, and hopefully kept organized.
In today’s world, there is no need to rely on humans to perform all of your extinguisher inspection. Although the technician’s job is crucial, your inspector should not have to write everything down on paper. There is always the chance that a number is written incorrectly, or an issue isn’t recorded. Thankfully, there’s a better, faster, and safer way to perform fire extinguisher inspection.

Features You Need For Effective Safety Extinguisher Inspection Software

Instead of recording your extinguisher inspections manually, safety inspection software is the new way to perform inspections. Safety inspection software is a digital, cloud-hosted tool that tracks and records inspections on fire extinguishers, fire doors, and any other type of safety asset.
What should you expect from safety inspection software? An innovative software will be a breeze to integrate into your workplace. All you’ll need to do is use your own hardware, or purchase hardware that can run the software. Hardware refers to handheld scanners, computers, or smartphones. Then, simply scan all of your safety assets into the software using barcode recognition. From there, all of your inspection data should be seamlessly recorded for you to use in the future.
It goes without saying, but extinguisher inspection software should always be compliant with local and national codes. Most commonly, you’ll have to remain compliant with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The NFPA has the authority to audit your safety inspection history and request documentation. If your documents are scattered or not completed correctly, you risk heavy fines. Having a safety extinguisher inspection software that is compliant with the NFPA means this will never be an issue.

How Does Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software Work?

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Fire extinguisher inspection software will differ depending on what company you choose as your provider. In general, an effective fire extinguisher inspection software will have you scan the barcode on safety assets in order to read its data. Once the data is read, the inspection software will automatically record the information and seamlessly organize it for you.
Some extinguisher inspection software will also create a route for your inspection technician to follow. These routes are beneficial because they ensure your inspector doesn’t miss an asset, and they minimize the amount of time spent on inspections. Other features to look out for are automated reminders and scheduling. Automated scheduling will ensure you complete inspection on time, every month, or however frequently it is required. Automated reminders will follow up with you when an asset is broken or needs fixed. Features like this ensure you’ll never miss an inspection, and that every safety asset in your workplace is ready to use at a moment’s notice. From fire extinguishers, to safety showers, to fire alarms, every single asset will be thoroughly inspected. 

Get Extinguisher Inspection Software Now

If you’re still performing manual safety inspections, it’s time to make the switch to inspection software. From fire extinguishers to safety doors, you’ll ensure all of your assets are protected in case of emergency. The best thing you can do for your employees is to ensure they are safe, and that’s exactly the peace of mind extinguisher inspection software will give you.

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