Kindness and the Coronavirus

Going the Extra Mile for Customers and Employees Will Build Brand Equity

A Silver Lining

From working from home to social distancing, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live. It’s made us worry more and required us to see each other less. However, that doesn’t mean there can’t be something positive that comes out of it. Celebrities and businesses are sharing everyday acts of kindness to bring positivity during this challenging time.

How Businesses Are Practicing Kindness

Although it is closed right now, Disneyland is donating its excess food to Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County. Walt Disney World is also donating excess food. Google even established a COVID-19 fund to enable sick leave or quarantine due to the coronavirus. In addition, a video recording/sharing service named Loom has offered its Pro product to teachers and students across the globe for free. LinkedIn is offering 16 learning courses for free. The innovative Apple company is offering unlimited sick leave to its retail staff. Lastly, Walmart has deployed an Emergency Leave program. These are just a few of the ways companies are giving back that can inspire you to help people in your own community.

How You Can Get Involved

You can counter the negativity being generated by the media by helping and being of service to others. Think of ways you can help others during this time. Share your brand’s story on social media; what do you do and why do you do it? If you consistently donate your time or money to a charity, let your audience know.
Are you a small business? Do your part and share other companies’ pages or posts. Or let the public know how you’re ensuring the safety of your employees and customers during this time.
However you choose to give back, make sure you or the marketing company you work with shares it with your audience so they know that you’re committed to helping the community.

Maintain Your Brand Equity

Establishing a strong brand can create a solid foundation for your business. The long-term success of a brand depends on its equity, which is the public’s valuation of your brand ( It’s vital to consistently communicate with your audience during the coronavirus outbreak. Customers will gain confidence in your organization if you respond to the current crisis with transparency and compassion.
Ensure your marketing team or marketing company is prepared to respond with a comprehensive digital marketing plan.
At ADVAN, we understand the importance of digital marketing and how it can help you maintain brand equity at all times, and especially during an economic downturn. Our team of expert marketers will utilize strategies to help you respond to the crisis in order to maintain current customers and even grow your business.
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