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How To Choose A Color For Your Next Painting Job | Painters Near Me

It is absolutely crucial to live somewhere that excites and revitalizes you. If you add a drab or upsetting home environment to the mix, life can be more challenging than it already is. This makes having a lively, painted home so important, as color and paint are an essential aspect of the comfort and style of a home. So, you should make finding qualified painters near me a top priority. Below, we’ll talk about some color theory, how you can choose an interior color that fits your style, and the importance of hiring professional painters near me.

Paint Colors For Your Home


Red is a bold choice often associated with feelings of anger, passion, or love. A room painted in a bright shade of red may be a bit overwhelming, so it’s best used sparingly. For applications like a kitchen or mudroom, perhaps a less saturated or a darker shade of red would be best. It’s best to avoid red in spaces that require focus, like offices and libraries.

To use red without going overboard, you can use it only on an accent wall to add a bit of style to your space.


  • Red is very intense
  • Best used in moderation
  • Darker shades are more accessible
  • Accent walls can work nicely


Blue has a calming presence and can make people feel more comfortable and secure. Because of this, it is a great choice for almost any room in the house to create tranquility and security. If you are trying to achieve that ever-elusive sense of peace, a pale shade of blue would be a great option.


  • Blue is very calming
  • Has a wide range of applications
  • Paler shades are more common, but bolder options are fun to experiment with


Blue and green share a few similarities. Rest and security are associated with both colors, but green is different in its meaning. Money and  nature are green, which means it’s often associated with wealth, health, and good fortune. Green is also known to help keep people invigorated and focused, so it’s a good color choice for an office or workspace.


  • Green is indicative of health and good fortune
  • Best used in focused environments


Gray is the color of maturity. More often than not, it is used in formal settings. The versatility of gray makes it an ideal color tp use in a home. Gray bridges the gap between white and black when white is too bright and black is too dark. You can use gray in nearly any room of the house, and it can be complemented with almost any color. Just make sure that you choose a gray that is the right temperature for your intended use of the room.


  • Professional and formal in tone
  • Highly versatile


Yellow is the color of energy and optimize, and brings a fresh aesthetic that is great for the psyche. It is also said that yellow activates the left brain, promoting clear thinking. It is important to consider the different shades of yellow, as some can be very overpowering. Specifically bright, saturated yellows can be intense if not used with caution. Paler shades go nicely in frequently used areas of the home, such as a kitchen or main hallway.


  • Yellow is optimistic and can be a mood booster
  • Can run the risk of being overpowering if too bold

Where to Book Painters Near Me

With all this newfound color knowledge, it’s only natural to be eager to get started on some new painting projects. Now, it’s time to look for residential painting in Akron and get started today.

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